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Purodeco is a Norway-based design, taobh istigh & feng shui blog, a seoladh i 2012.

Purodeco blog - interior - scandinavian design - Mayor sofa

This blog is like a visual diary of all things feng shui, design and interior. We have a vision that your home and your environment are as important to your health as healthy food, physical activity and a Mindful lifestyle. By that we don’t mean that everyone must have a first-class modern and fancy home. But to use Feng Shui principles and furnish your homes with things you really like and make it a real home.

The main focus is to be inspired and inspiring others!

When we share interior and design news the intention is to inspire you to find your own style. But don’t fill up your home and keep it uncluttered, it’s very important for your sláinte.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something beautiful which deserves attention. Tabhair cuairt ar an Purodeco Feng Shui láithreán!

Purodeco blog - home - interior - scandinavian design - Mayor sofa



"Cruthaigh do stíl amhairc féin ... lig sé a bheith ar leith ar do shon féin fós inaitheanta do dhaoine eile" Orson Welles




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