About purodeco

Purodeco consilium & interior est currere a blog Norway Chue style-substructio Feng Shui consultant & Interior architect MIAF Live Haver Johansen, launched in Februar 2012.

Purodeco blog - interior - scandinavian design - Mayor sofa

Purodeco blog is my personal digital sketchbook as a consilium et interior aspicientis. Per singulos dies videre tot pulchellus quae super Internet - interiora, consilium, es, vocarunt, decoration ... sic EGO certus ut creare Purodeco as a place to collect all these lovely things I discover. Read more about me hic.

Meum principale propositum est ad esse inspiratum et aliis excitatis!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have something beautiful that deserves attention. Visit the Feng Shui Purodeco site!

Purodeco blog - home - interior - scandinavian design - Mayor sofa



"Creare tua parte visivae stilo ... Sit amet ipsum Vivamus sed aliis" Orson Welles





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