Bommel the Pom-Pom furniture

There is a way to make unique, playful optimistic look to your space. Chairs, poufs and carpets from the exciting collection Bommel from MYK are wonderful ideas to create striking and cheerful decor pieces!



Bommel by MYK are made of fun and colorful pom-poms that are bound to make anyone feel like a kid again. Each pom-pom is made entirely by hand and with each object containing up to 1300 of them, they are definitely a labor of love.


In German, Bommel means pom-pom and it is exactly what their designs are all about. Pompons are skillfully hand crafted from high quality wool, which are then combined to create these cozy items for the home.


Pom-pons make modern interior design feel soft and playful, adding cute decorative details, made of natural yarn, and attractive large and small ball shapes



Pom-pons for interesting and unusual interior design can be easily made of yarns. There are many ways of creating fluffy, playful and colorful pompons and use them in interior design and home decorating.



These colorful interior design elements are a great way to give a playful flavor and optimistic look to any space. Chairs, poufs and carpets made of pompons look welcoming, decorative and very cozy.



How about you, makes these wonderful pieces you happy?



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