Colour of the Year 2016 Ochre Gold

Colour of the Year 2016 Ochre Gold

Colour of the Year 2016 Ochre Gold is a gold inspired ocher color. It’s found in nature and connects history and prevailing trends in a natural way. The color is strong enough to attract attention on its own, but is also beautiful in combination with other shades as reminder of nature’s own palette.

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Søstrene Grene – New interior collection

New interior collection from Søstrene Grene. The recent couple of years Søstrene Grene have really upped their game with atmospheric interior collections. The idea in this collection is to be led back to the 1920s art deco with a twist of Scandinavian character!

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Purodeco’s blue and green colour universe

Blue and green is the dominant colour palette throughout our home, but vary how we use the colors from room to room to keep it interesting. In some rooms we use the colours on the walls or as you see here; the colours appear as an accent color in the details.

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atmine interior community via Purodeco

atmine interior community for interior lovers

w{mine} interior community has launched the public version of the inspiring interior community. Check it out and discover lots of inspiring real homes. Here are some of Purodeco’s photos from the site: Czytaj więcej

Summer interiors and feng shui - Purodeco

Summer interiors and feng shui

Nature is coming alive and the colours seem to intensify with each passing day. The colours in the summer interiors are like the nature; vibrant and intense. Bring the nature inside with summery colours if you want to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. If you need to cool down, use light and smooth pastels. In Norway we are not always used to enjoying warm summers so I prefer a mix of both!

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Iittala moss green glass - Ruutu vase Wirkkala Anniversary bottle

Iittala moss green glass

Iittala moss green glass – Iittala really knows how to make beautiful colours. The Ruutu vase with the lovely diamond shape and the beautiful Wirkkala Anniversary bottle are both available in moss green. And they sure make a beautiful addition in my home!

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Pia Ulin Interior Design Photography 3

Pia Ulin Wnętrza Fotografia

Uwielbiam przeglądania portfeli projektowania wnętrz tle, tyle inspiracje i pomysły. Te niesamowite ujęcia wnętrz, stylu do perfekcji, są przez szwedzki fotograf Pia Ulin. Zawsze jestem onieśmielony, gdy w obecności wielkiej fotografii, ale ja szczególnie lubię magię i melancholijnych nastrojów w zdjęć Pia Ulins. Hope you too will enjoy some of her lovely blue mood photos too.


Pia Ulin Interior Design Photography


Pia Ulin is a passionate Swedish photographer who studied and spends much of her time in New York. Pia Ulin is a advertising photographer with focus on interior- and lifestyleimages. Based in Stockholm but she travels constantly for work. Her client base which includes HM HOME, Ikea and Anthropologie, as well as magazines such as Elle Decoration, Martha Stewart and Condé Nast Traveller. Pia has also published two books – Contryhouses and Nesting which is the most recent. Enjoy this lovely blue mood photos by Pia Ulin Interior Design Photography.

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