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Alp – interior architecture design

The alp style is modern, elegant and functional with a little fun. I enjoy the simple lines, peaceful to the eye and the mind. The alp range is new and fresh; it includes furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories with a contemporary, functional and classic style that really caught my eye.




London based design studio alp led by Swiss-born designer Annick Petersen, Alp presents a contemporary range of interior products, including soft furnishings, inspired by typography and Braille script. The predominantly monochrome collection, alongside graphic floor plan printed cushion covers, aims largely at the male market.

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Bethan Gray – Brogue & Carve

Bethan Gray, the designer of some of the bestselling furniture on the high street,is becoming a name in her own right. Love her collection of unique furniture made of materials such as marble, solid wood and leather. With this particular passion for the warmth of wood and leather, as well as the appeal of stone and inspired by shape, texture and detail, Bethan Gray is inspired by her travels and the everyday objects that that surround her.


Bethan Gray


Bethan Gray, a British award winning designer for the likes of Habitat and John Lewis. Greys designs are warm, honest and livable with this new collection focusing on intriguing combinations of natural materials.

Bethan Gray has in collaboration with Thomas Turner, a furniture developer and former furniture buyer at Habitat, has a new furniture and home wares brand called G&T.  G&T focuses on the design and manufacture of contemporary yet timeless families of elegant products using intriguing and seductive combinations of natural materials, adding exciting and elegant detail. Read More

Vibeke Skar – 100% Norway at Tent London 2012

100% Norway at Tent London 2012Vibeke Skar, winner of the 100% Norway Design Award in 2011 returns with a beautiful glass collection of vases and bowls inspired by a fantasy world of queens and castles, drawn from childhood memories.

100% Norway





The Royal Family Collection beautiful glass vases and bowls inspired by a fantasy world of queens and castles. Read More

Mass Light by Norm Architects

Mass light designed by Norm Architects is made of brown marble and glass. The shape of Mass light is bold, strong and masculine and yet feminine curves soften the expression. The well-known shape lets you focus on the beauty of the marble, its aesthetic structures and brown colors.


Mass Light


Inspiration for creating the Mass Light became when traveling cities such as Paris, Barcelona and New York. The Norm architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen was fascinated by the streets lamps; the characteristic cast iron top – looking a bit like a hat – with a semitransparent glass sphere at the base.

Back in the studio The Norm architects detached the street lamp from its original use and transferred the shape and combination of materials in order to design an indoor pendant – the Mass Light. The pendant is made of brown marble and glass, as the two architects were keen on creating a lamp made from natural stone with its warm sensual hues. The unusual use of such a massive piece of marble for a lamp gives an exceptional sense of quality and durability. Read More

Street Seats

Street Seats is a furniture project developed by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Pier 94 Coffee Bar at The Armory Show. The 50 chairs, found abandoned on the streets of New York, were repaired and given a new life with a coat of taxi cab yellow paint. The bottom of each chair is stamped and documented with the date and location it was recovered.


Street Seats


Street Seats


Street Seats


Found via The Design Ark



Moore yellow inspiration here at purodeco tomorrow!



Wik & Walsøe – 100% Norway at Tent London 2012

100% Norway at Tent London 2012The successful porcelain duo, Wik & Walsøe will show their latest hand painted collection of candlehold­ers and bowls in beautifully soft and simple shapes, mixing textures of glazed and unglazed surfaces in a white, champagne and silver colour pallet.


100% Norway

Candle Holders Elf series with gold, the 5th anniversary edition. Read More

Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA

Shumis – an American Pizza Shop influenced by American Pop culture, located in an industrial area. Cheap, simple, and accessible materials combined with strong colors, creates a highly dramatic space.




Shumis Pizzeria, an American pop culture heritage based in Tel Aviv. Cheap materials combine with references to American pop culture in the interior of this small pizzeria by Tel Aviv-based Studio OPA. There’s wallpaper printed with tins of tomato sauce reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s soup-can prints in one space, which also features lime green paint and chairs that contrast with the orange ceiling fans. Other surfaces and furniture are made from chunky chipboard with glass covering the tabletops. Read More

Züny Zoo

Züny a simple, ingenious and creative design. Enrich your life, and provides a perfect opportunity to disconnect from everyday stress. These animals give you peace of mind, and will be faithful by your side. Can be used as bookends, door stops, or just dress up as the family’s little mascot! Let yourself be inspired to a playful every day!



Züny  – a simple, genial and creative design of leather-made home accessories, which is made out of the designers’ creativity and imagination. Züny enriches the peoples’ life and provides a perfect gateway for releasing annoyances and pressures from work and frustration. Such prospection motivates Züny Zoo to achieve its goal – “Make your life funny and easy”.




Züny’s spirits is inspired by the nature environment. In view of the declining scarce natural resources, Züny triggers the mission to remind everyone of us how precious and valuable our planet is with.





Images via Züny og nord-design





Caroline Olsson – 100% Norway at Tent London 2012

100% Norway at Tent London 2012Award winning designer Caroline Olsson returns to 100% Norway this year with two new products including a series of candleholders which are hand-turned in different types of wood. Olsson will also launch the Turn Light which is inspired by old workbenches that are seen in Norwegian workshops.


100% Norway


100% Norway continues now in its ninth year, to present the best of Norwegian design to an international audience. The 2012 exhibition promises to be the most impressive and inspiring collection yet, presenting a diverse mix of furniture, ceramics, lighting and tableware never previously shown in the UK.

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Vinyl Record Animations by Michael Hansen

Usually, it’s all about design and interiors here on purodeco, but this Graphic Vinyl Record Design is so incredibly beautiful that I just had to make a post about them. This vinyl for the modern classical composer Allan Madsen Gravgaard was designed by Danish designer Michael Hansen. The idea was to translate Allan’s sensorial music into a visual experience with elements of sensuality.


Michael Hansen


Michael Hansen‘s album is separated on the records two sides. There is not an A- or B-side. Each has its own front page; Waves is a visualization of the music performed by nine trumpets in a line. It’s made as simple as possible with nine circles on a line. Crystal Tapestry is a pattern of crystals that has no front or back end; it refers to a crystal that merges into itself. Inside it’s made a visualization that combines the two sides, a crystalized wave. The patterns on the record give the design a visual sensuality. An analog animation with a 50 Hz strobe lamp and made it interact with the music.


Michael Hansen



Michael Hansen



Michael Hansen



Michael Hansen



Michael Hansen



Michael Hansen




All amazing images from Michael Hansen




Brubeck a golden breath by Delightfull

Delightfull goes back to art deco and again with musical inspiration, this time through the dramatic pipe organ. Brubeck lamp is an instant classic sculptural design. An extravagant shape full of refinement and modernity. Love the feeling of old times and the luxury in the design!





Delightfull releases Brubeck suspension hanging lamp. Brubeck is 100% handmade in brass tubes it’s possible to create any shape: round, oval, square or rectangular to perfectly suit your dining table or hotel lobby. Read More

Lars Beller Fjetland – 100% Norway at Tent London 2012

100% Norway at Tent London 2012Lars Beller Fjetland makes his first appearance at this year’s show. The designer, who will present two products at the exhibition, has nurtured a lifelong fascination for the marriage of function with the finest of nature’s materials in furniture, interiors and lighting.


100% Norway


Re-turned, a collection of small, recycled and reclaimed wooden birds is presented along with Nuki, a robust coffee table that sits at the crossroads between Japanese and Nordic aesthetics. Read More