Easter Hoptimists via Purodeco

Pascha Hoptimists

Pascha Hoptimists – parvulus amet elit boni et dies Paschae melius facit. Sed non possum non ridere cum videam pusillis globos amet GRAVIS circa domos. One touch on the head of a Hoptimist and they bounce for ages.

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Hoptimist – quod tecum rides

These cute and very optimistic guys and girls are called Hoptimists. Danorum excogitatoris supellectilem et datae ab Hans Gustav Ehrenreich. The Hoptimist significat jucundum vitae eorum est simplex missione sicut est ut risus. Qui mox ut poteris!

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Iittala celebrates Tapio Wirkkala 100 years anniversary bottle

Iittala celebrat Tapio Wirkkala 100 annis

Iittala celebrat Tapio Wirkkala 100 in annis anniversario 2015 per multos factivum opus excogitatoris, ad productionem. Te videre aliquid novi frusta Thule, Ovalis vasa, Et tam varia Tapio Gaissa Anniversary 2015 cum utrem numerus frusta.

Iittala celebrates Tapio Wirkkala 100 years 2015 bottle


2015 notas 100 years since the birth of Tapio Wirkkala. Wirkkala designed a significant proportion of his work for Iittala. To honor the great designer, Iittala will be highlighting some of the familiar objects Wirkkala designed for everyday use, as well as some rare short series of his work. Read More

Chair No. 14 the chair of chairs via Purodeco

Non cathedra 14 – cathedra cathedras

Non cathedra 14 has a perfect design for cafés, et ubi nulla eu lectus eu dining style appetitur. Ibi est non multa dicere de his classic bentwood cathedras, elegans omni fere aliter quam sunt, et sine congrua in spatio!


Chair No 14 the chair of chairs via Purodeco


Quia 1859, when chair No 14 verum primum instituta fuit,, magis quam 80 million units have been sold all over the world. Its iconic shapes are created by six manually bent beech rods, two bolts and ten screws. Thanks to its low weight, attractive price and legendary strength, this chair quickly found its place in the cafes of Vienna, earning the nickname thecafé chair”. Read More

Red Nappula candleholder designed by Matti Klenell via Purodeco

Nappula candleholder – new colour 2014

Nappula candleholder Matti Klenell enim disposuerat in Iittala 2012 Aliquam sit amet est et in hoc casu habetur audax, rubrum, et versatile. Hoc pulchra dives toned Nappula candleholder clamore locum meum donec faciat a unique style in domum Scandiae.


Red Nappula candleholder designed by Matti Klenell via Purodeco


Ut hic coram, et magnitudinis IittalaBus una Button candleholder deductis, in aprico sunt,, bright yellow. Nappula etiam ventura in hoc casu sit amet, vulputate et audax rubra version; ex ferro et pulveris iactaret. Nappula candleholder excogitatoris natus, quo venerat Matti Klenell Poculum vitreum ad museum Nuutajärvi, ubi admiratus quam solita Formavitque mensa et inspiratum est per eam. Qui fecit modern Lorem candleholders; se conspirantes ejus amor, et vindemia formae hodiernae. Ut sit practica incredibiliter, Suspendisse dolor agit iam. Read More

Kähler Omaggio anniversary vase 5

Kahler Omaggio Anniversary AMPHORA

Kähler Omaggio anniversaria vase est, tributum secundum historiam et a unique Kähler celebrandum bene servetur arte, excogitatoris, et tempore, quod per duo et LEPIDE Ditte Reckweg Jelena Schou Nordentoft.


Kähler Omaggio anniversary vase via Purodeco


Hodie, 175 anno autem primo quoque formatus Kähler vase in officina in parva Næstved, Kähler stays true to history and traditions, and every single handmade design product proves this. This exclusive anniversary vase is a tribute to Kähler’s unique history and a celebration of well-preserved craft, excogitatoris, et tempore, quod per duo et LEPIDE Ditte Reckweg Jelena Schou Nordentoft. Every graceful stripe on the Kähler Omaggio Anniversary vase is hand painted, just like 175 abhinc annos, when the Kähler adventure started. Read More

Oak Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen 4

Oak Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen

I Just love these white and smoked oak Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen. Cum figuris ligneum alterum Ca Bojesen, lovebirds in bivio est inter unum sint in imaginem et in consilio, quod secundum imaginationem. Plenum animi, humor, craftsmanship and with a twinkle in their eyes – and thus appealing to the child in all of us.

Oak Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen created his wooden figures with love, imagination and intelligence. Today his classic designs are found in countless Scandinavian homes -whether in the children’s rooms, on the shelf or at the office. The Kay Bojesen Lovebirds aut “Turtelduernein Danish, wooden figurines designed by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s finally return after a long hiatus. This incredibly cute set of two smaller Songbirds in oak and smoked oak was created by Kay Bojesen as a gift for his own friends and was never before put in commercial production. But now, after more than half a century, the loving little couple is finally available and is ready to brighten up our homes! Read More