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Succulent interior trend

The Succulent interior trend are all the rage right now. Every home needs a little green in it, so I’m happy that succulents are the big trend in container gardening and house plants. Ideal for one’s amongst us who do not have “green fingers” as they are hard to kill. These prickly beauties are very forgiving and can go a long way without water or other love.

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Green plant trend

Green plants are popping up all over lately in order to bring nature into the interior environment.  As we become more urbanized and outdoor space more precious, balcony and green indoor planting becomes more inventive. Tables and shelving units make room for potted plants, or else they hang from the ceiling or are planted into very walls and floors. Even the lighting is now decorated with vibrant green plants, I really like this trend!

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Decorating with green plants

You don’t have to be an extreme greenest to go green! Bring a little greener touch by decorate your home with plants. After several years with only a few orchids at home are lots of us ready to take the green house plants back into our homes. Plants give a home personality, they add a touch of nature to the indoors, they help create a soothing atmosphere. All around, they’re an excellent way to tie your home together and give it that extra touch it might be missing.

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