Tine K Home AW 2015 - MOON 1

Tine K Home AW 2015 – MOON

Tine K Home has released their new Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection named MOON. The new collection is once again full of beautiful pillows, batanije, Llampat, lanterns, decorative items, mobilje, pots and wonderful pottery. Lexo më shumë

atmine interior community via Purodeco

atmine interior community for interior lovers

në{mine} interior community has launched the public version of the inspiring interior community. Check it out and discover lots of inspiring real homes. Here are some of Purodeco’s photos from the site: Lexo më shumë

Feng shui bedroom - Purodeco

Feng shui bedroom

New blog post over at Purodeco Feng Shui, this time about feng shui bedroom. We spend a third of our life in our bedroom. It’s the space we wake up in and it’s the last space we see before retiring to sleep. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home and should inspire, uplift us and bring peace.

Lexo më shumë

Summer interiors and feng shui - Purodeco

Summer interiors and feng shui

Nature is coming alive and the colours seem to intensify with each passing day. The colours in the summer interiors are like the nature; vibrant and intense. Bring the nature inside with summery colours if you want to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. If you need to cool down, use light and smooth pastels. In Norway we are not always used to enjoying warm summers so I prefer a mix of both!

Lexo më shumë


Purodeco’s feng shui website

I love sharing feng shui knowledge and wisdom. On my Norwegian feng shui website you’ll get a mix of feng shui & i brendshëm, based on my personal experience for my family and my work as a feng shui consultant. My intention with this site is to make feng shui easily understandable for all, without departing from the authentic feng shui fundamentals.

Lexo më shumë

Love Song Vases_Kähler

Love Song Vases from Kähler

News from Kahler this spring: Love song vases in new colors. The beautiful vases are decorated with the lyrics from three of the most iconic love songs of all times: “Love me Tender”, “All You Need is Love” and “It Had to be you”. A combination of raw expression and loving messages!

Lexo më shumë

Arabia KoKo saffron meadow via Purodeco_

Lajm Arabisht Koko 2015

Seri Arabia Koko ka ditëlindjen e saj të 10 këtë vit dhe vjen në dy ngjyra të reja të ndritshme dhe të gjalla, shafran dhe livadh. Varg i adaptueshëm Koko merr emrin e vet dhe zemrën e vet nga dy mjeshtrave të projektimit zgjuar, Kristina Riska dhe Kati TUOMINEN-Niittylä. Dashuri këto foto springlike bukur vetëquajtur!

Lexo më shumë