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The Saddle Chair

At the Gifts & Interior Trade Fair in Lillestrøm last week I fell in love with the beautiful Saddle Chair designed by Angell, Wyller & Aarseth. Combining a nest-like cosines to a solid structure, it’s is a modest and friendly chair. Named for the cushions, which hang over the arms like saddles, and which feature useful pockets for TV remotes, newspapers or tablets.

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Funky Doris releases in collaboration with photographer Nina Ruud and stylist Per Olav Sølvberg these new beautiful photos. Funky Doris has allready an uncomplicated, warm and humorous style and the photographer and the stylist were given free rein in the process. I think the result is magical!




Funky Doris is a young Norwegian brand, founded by Tove Trydal and Grethe Bjørk. Their collections are inspired by Scandinavian design from the 50 – 60 and 70’s.  Funky Doris philosophy is simple; they want us to surround ourselves with charming everyday products in long lasting qualities. They also want to be sure that they are taking proper account of the environmental and working conditions where their collections are made and have visited the factories in India. Funky Doris provides a range of wonderful mix of nostalgia, retro charm and humor. Read More

Touchwood Chair by Lars Beller Fjetland

Touchwood Chair by Lars Beller Fjetland comes from the Norwegian designer’s core belief that humans benefit from daily interaction with natural materials. Touchwood is a versatile and welcoming wooden chair with all superfluous details removed and it adds a touch of nature into everyday life.

Touchwood Chair by Lars Beller Fjetland via Purodeco

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland feels strongly that people benefit from daily interaction with natural elements, like wood, which guided him in the creation of his latest design, the Touchwood Chair for Discipline. His intentionwas to create an affordable chair that would that would focus on incorporating elements of nature into the everyday life. By strategically stripping the chair of any unnecessary components, each remaining part has been given exactly as much love and attention as deserved. Subtle yet distinct, the chair adds value, beauty and comfort to its surroundings. Read More

100% Norway at London Design Festival 2014

Since 2003, 100% Norway exhibition has been one of the most exciting mainstays of the London Design Festival, showcasing the best of Norwegian furniture and product design to an international audience. 100% Norway has divided its exhibition into three parts this year; Experiments, Exploration and Results – that come together to create an overview of the whole design process, a “lifetime of design.” Below are a few of my favorites that will be on display in September.


London Design Festival 2014 - Saddle by Angell Wyller & Aarseth via Purodeco


Combining a nest-like cosiness to a solid structure, Saddle by Angell, Wyller & Aarseth is a modest and friendly chair, named for the cushions, which hang over the arms like saddles, and which feature useful pockets for TV remotes, newspapers or tablets. By separating the wooden elements from the upholstery, the chair expresses the notion of rigid construction underpinning softness and comfort. Manufactured by Slåke.  Read More

Dew glass vases Kristine Five Melvær

Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær has designed this beautiful series of vases that look like buds about to burst into bloom.  The Dew glass vases are mouth blown in thick glass with matte, sandblasted stripes on the outside. This gives texture to the vases and creates life to the colour on the inside.


KristineFive Melvær Dew glass vases via Purodeco


Dew glass vases are designed by Kristine Five Melvær. The vases are mouth blown by glassblowers who are proud of their work, in sober colours with matte sandblasted stripes. The stripes on the outside of the glass and the colour of the inside create shadows that give a unique depth and texture to the otherwise monochrome volume. Vases are available in four colours. The different heights makes them look beautiful grouped together. Each vase is unique, no two are exactly alike; precisely this is evidence of genuine handicrafts. Read More

Kristine Bjaadal Hold Glass containers

Kristine Bjaadal Hold glass containers are now available at Galleri Format in Oslo. Hold is made in a limited edition by Magnor. Norwegian designer Kristine Bjaadal always focuses on everyday life, and wants to make you notice all the hidden beauty that you normally don’t see in your surroundings. Something she certainly has achieved with this beautiful glass collection.


Kristine Bjaadal Hold Glass containers

Kristine Bjaadal Hold glass containers are made for the exhibition Interception – Relational Aesthetics at DogA in Oslo. The exhibition’s theme is the urban environments and how we respond to the urban habitat. I find it fascinating how people alter between open kindness towards each other and a more closed distant keeping mode. When living in apartment buildings, this altering is a necessary skill to possess in order to keep other people’s privacy out and your own privacy to yourself, while at the same time have a good relation and a feeling of trust among your neighbors. The Hold glass containers are inspired by this open/closed altering. Read More

Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design

Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design – pure Norwegian design. The elegant and unique Stella advent star brightens up dark winter nights and creates a great Christmas spirit to your home!


Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design


Stella Advent Star from Torsteinsen Design, an advent star inspired by reflected light. The product consists of two asymmetric stars that reflects and shines towards each other with a simple 40W light bulb in between. Stella advent Star creates a simple yet strong object that celebrates the potential beauty in simplicity elegant and contemporary at the same time.


Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design



“We wanted to design a long lasting and simple Christmas star, one you can bring out every Christmas year after year. That’s why Stella advent star is made of painted aluminum, except the bulb of course, which actually is completely flat when it is disassembled”



Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design


Torsteinsen Design is located in a charming old building in Bærums Verk, west of Oslo. Husband and wife team, Fredrik Torsteinsen and Solveig Torsteinsen, and indispensable colleague, Vidar Øverby – all with degrees in furniture design. They have 20 years of design experience, as well as previous careers in furniture making, carpentry, and textiles. Torsteinsen Design works with design in the broadest sense of the word. And they thrive on diversity!



All images of Stella advent star Torsteinsen Design

Photographer Morten Brun