Home tour beautiful Parisian apartment

Inicio recorrido – beautiful Parisian apartment

Inicio recorrido – beautiful Parisian apartment. Simplicity, ethnic touches with a French flair in this apartment is located in the Marais district of Paris, one of the hippest neighborhoods of the French capital. I love the moldings and fireplace and the herringbone floors. A beautiful mix of old and new, traditional design offset by design – very chic and stylish! Leer más

Home tour Mexican summer home

Inicio recorrido – Mexican summer home

Home tour – lovely Mexican summer home. Days are soon getting warmer and this make me dream about beautiful summer homes. Like this stunning place in a beautiful coastal town in Mexico.

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Home tour apartment with touches of spring via Purodeco

Inicio recorrido – apartment with touches of spring

Inicio recorrido – apartment with touches of spring. This Swedish apartment features lovely shades of spring. The living room has the most beautiful green colored walls and the kitchen a lovely calm blue shade. All perfect colours for spring!

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Home tour Scandinavian DIY home

Inicio recorrido – Scandinavian DIY home

Scandinavian DIY home in Norway, with lots of stylish ideas. The owner Alice has redecorated her home on a budget with happy colors, spiced up with plenty of unique DIY ideas. She prefers to spend time to renovate and decorate her home, and there’s nothing she can’t do herself.

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Home tour Manhattan

Tour Home - apartamento en Manhattan

Inicio recorrido | I really like the accessible furnishings in this stylish apartment in Manhattan. Especially how old and new are mixed in a completely fresh and modern way. Enfoque casual Lauren Moffatt a la organización de su espacio vital con objetos encontrados en lugar de comprar un montón de muebles y decoración caro funciona perfectamente. Cada una de estas fotos tiene algo totalmente inesperado que me llamó la atención, sin embargo, el espacio entero se siente totalmente coherente.

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Home tour Colorful New York loft dining

Inicio recorrido – Colorful New York loft

Inicio recorrido | Colorful New York loft with a style of its own, with a unique backdrop that provides an industrial heritage and a history that has been filled with artistic brilliance. The clever use of wall art accentuates the color scheme elegantly, and aesthetic lighting fixtures double as sculptural additions.

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Hometour via Purodeco

Home tour - Melbourne Inicio

Inicio recorrido esta semana va "down under" a la increíble casa de Melbourne diseñador gráfico Zoe Murphy y su familia. Esta impresionante casa de estilo personal y con una inspiradora combinación de colores, patrón y textura. Leer más

Eclectic bright Scandinavian home

Eclectic and bright Scandinavian home

Love the personality and eclectic style in this bright Scandinavian home. The atmosphere of this apartment is lean and spacious, but yet full of colourful details and nice midcentury pieces largely inspired by Scandinavian design.

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