Home tour Colorful New York loft dining

Home pelancongan – Colorful New York loft

Home pelancongan | Colorful New York loft with a style of its own, with a unique backdrop that provides an industrial heritage and a history that has been filled with artistic brilliance. The clever use of wall art accentuates the color scheme elegantly, and aesthetic lighting fixtures double as sculptural additions.

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Hometour via Purodeco

Home pelancongan - Melbourne Home

Home pelancongan minggu ini pergi "turun bawah" rumah yang luar biasa Melbourne pereka grafik Zoe Murphy dan keluarganya. Seperti sebuah rumah yang menakjubkan dan peribadi yang digayakan dengan kombinasi inspirasi warna, corak dan tekstur. Read More

Eclectic bright Scandinavian home

Eclectic and bright Scandinavian home

Love the personality and eclectic style in this bright Scandinavian home. The atmosphere of this apartment is lean and spacious, but yet full of colourful details and nice midcentury pieces largely inspired by Scandinavian design.

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California eclectic family home via Purodeco

California eclectic family home

Home pelancongan – The owner’s goal in this California eclectic family home was to create a casual California aesthetic look with rock ’n’ roll undertones. With lots of crispy white, hitam, and leather – the result is laid back, boho and impossibly cool!

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Home tour - modern kitchen details vintage1

Home pelancongan – Playful modern vintage

This beautiful light home made me smile; it has so much charm and character. I like the beautiful touch of modern vintage, clean lines and the hint of usual playfulness in this home. Begitu banyak maklumat menarik yang anda boleh dapati di sini, I especially love the fabulous old typewriter and the vintage photo camera.

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Home tour - Charming Apartment in Paris

Home pelancongan – Charming Apartment in Paris

Hari ini, I am featuring the home of the Parisian interior designer Cecile Figuette. She lives in an old Parisian workshop converted into a loft, bathed in light. She did a fabulous job decorating her beautiful and charming apartment in Paris. The style is eclectic bohemian with lots of antiques mixed with beautiful design pieces. And all these plants, a kind of a mini trendy urban jungle. It’s simple and personal – I really love this kind of universe! Read More

Simply calm Scandinavian home

Simply and calm Scandinavian home

Home pelancongan – Simply and calm Scandinavian home. The rooms in this Swedish home are airy, light and bright. Furnishings are modern design classics from the key names of Scandinavian design mixed with pretty antique and vintage pieces. Love the way of white, greys and the beauty of natural materials, especially wood, is celebrated in this home. It’s a home that’s in tune with today’s wish for calm, uncluttered spaces to live in!

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Farm styled home in Brooklyn

Farm styled home in Brooklyn

This farm styled home in Brooklyn belongs to Children’s clothing designer Odette Williams. This beautiful home creates a rustic-meets-refined haven for her family of six. The home has after a huge renovation become a fresh and functional space with both contemporary and vintage elements. Read More