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Historic townhouse in Copenhagen

Historic townhouse in Copenhagen furnished with personality and charm. The residents have managed to to preserve the original atmosphere of the house while creating a modern and time-consuming home. The home is stylishly furnished with old furniture classics mixed with few, well-chosen modern designs objects and lots of modern art. Lexo më shumë

Moderne dhe me stil tërheqje familje

Kjo shtëpi shkoi nga një lagësht dhe të errët “kuti puro” për një tërheqje moderne dhe me stil familjar. Tërësisht të rindërtuar & transformohet në një shtëpi familjare uber ftohtë nga një familje në Danimarkë. Një rehabilitimi i plotë rezultoi në një shtëpi që me mjeshtëri kombinon traditën dhe modernitetin. The house was renovated with respect for the original format and essence of the house.

Lexo më shumë

Faqja turne – New York loft

Faqja turne – New York loft. This loft built in 1860 and located in SoHo, New York has large windows that open onto a courtyard, high ceilings and two separate entrances. The dark blue color chosen for accessories and the gray for the walls give it a unique and cozy atmosphere.

Lexo më shumë

A playful and funky apartment in Brooklyn

Faqja turne | Love this fun, i shokuar, and family-friendly loft apartment in Brooklyn. The talented interior designer Allison Petty creates a hip space complete with Vespas, rhinos, and a crocodile wall. Enjoy these stunning images with lots of cheerful and cheeky touches.

Lexo më shumë

San Francisco Home

Faqja turne | This San Francisco home belongs to interior designer Susan Greenleaf. Mobilje, art, and accessories vary room by room, from modern to traditional to the colorful to the colorless. Each space embodies Greenleaf’s signature style, with juxtaposition and surprises at every turn.

Lexo më shumë

Faqja turne – cozy Swedish Apartment

Faqja turne – This cozy Swedish apartment is located in a 100 years old building in Stockholm. The apartment has a stylish and lovely combination of different materials and colors. I love the combining of vintage furniture, travel finds and personal design.

Lexo më shumë

Faqja turne – Brussel home

Faqja turne – Brussel home with open space dining area and a glorious kitchen! The home is also full of colorful accessories and pretty, graphic tiles. I love the combining of vintage with modern items and design! Lexo më shumë

Faqja turne – beautiful eclectic apartment

Faqja turne – beautiful eclectic apartment. Love the beautiful mix of the historical and retro style in this place. By using a subtle color combinations and precisely selected furniture pieces, this apartment got a very specific style which added a scent of luxury and uniqueness.

Lexo më shumë