Danish hygge from Rosendahl

Lyngby-vase from Lyngby Porcelæn
Bring the Danish hygge lifestyle to your living space with these lovely objects from Rosendahl. Rosendahl Design Group’s brands welcomes the summer with aesthetically beautiful and charming design objects. With jewel colors, golden tones and dark shades, they continue to create a cozy atmosphere for the home throughout the fall.

Lyngby glass vase from Lyngby Porcelæn

These lovely objects from Rosendahl design group fits perfect to embrace the Danish hygge concept. The concept of hygge is one which graces every walk of Scandinavian people’s lives, and news of this lifestyle has been spreading quickly for the last few years, crossing international borders to spread warmth wherever the idea touches. The Danish word can’t be directly translated into English because hygge is more a feeling than a tangible object.

Placemats from JUNA

Kay Bojesens Songbird, Ravn

Kay Bojesens Songbird, Sparrow

Duet tableware from Rosendahl

Lantern from Bjørn Wiinblad

Rhombe from Lyngby Porcelæn

Lyngby-vase from Lyngby Porcelæn

Click on the images for product name. All “hygge” images from Rosendahl design group



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