Decorating with green plants

You don’t have to be an extreme greenest to go green! Bring a little greener touch by decorate your home with plants. After several years with only a few orchids at home are lots of us ready to take the green house plants back into our homes. Plants give a home personality, they add a touch of nature to the indoors, they help create a soothing atmosphere. All around, they’re an excellent way to tie your home together and give it that extra touch it might be missing.



Like intricate green little sculptures, mini cacti and succulents above make an intriguing assemblage. Mix round, pointy, shiny, and matte plants, unifying them with just two types of neutral pots.




A botanical oddity akin to taxidermy, Staghorn Fern scraggy center leaves give way to antler-like fronds—the “staghorns” of its name.




The large, green leathery leaves of a tall fiddle-leaf fig can fill and transform an empty corner. Put an oversize plant on wheels so you can easily roll it out of the.




What keeps a low display from looking like something in a dentist’s office? Volume and a sleek pot. There are five dracaena repotted into this cone-shaped planter, creating an abundant, exotic feel. Against matte black, the striped leaves look dramatic and exciting.




Lollipop-shaped Muehlenbeckia have a sort of conservatory-gone-wild charm. In an unfussy row, they feel classical but still relaxed.




Trading a bedside lamp for a rich, leafy green fern offers a surprise hit of nature that’s especially striking in a neutral space—it can turn an understated room into a minimalist enchanted forest.




Is city living graying your green thumb? Consider a chic, modern hanging air plant that absorbs moisture and nutrients through its leaves, leaving you with no soil, no mess and a plant pods that cats can’t knock over!


Green plants are living things, and so they have life force. But it’s a calming life force, rather than an energetic one, and so surrounding yourself with green plants can help encourage a calmer environment within your home.


View more hanging air plants here.


Images via Real Simple and Fab


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