Green plant trend

Green plants are popping up all over lately in order to bring nature into the interior environment.  As we become more urbanized and outdoor space more precious, balcony and green indoor planting becomes more inventive. Tables and shelving units make room for potted plants, or else they hang from the ceiling or are planted into very walls and floors. Even the lighting is now decorated with vibrant green plants, I really like this trend!

Green plant trend_purodeco


This beautiful green plants arrangement is so poetic and beautiful.


Green plant trend_purodeco 2


Air plants are my new green plant trend favorite, like this lovely green airplant in green glass vase.


Green plant trend_purodeco 3


Spire table, a seed-shaped, three-legged ‘plantable’, made from solid maple wood with a fine walnut veneer and a central bowl of handmade porcelain. Perfect for green plants, design by Philipp Von Hase.


Green plant trend_purodeco 4


What about a hanging indoor garden? Green plants hanging from the ceiling.


Green plant trend_purodeco 5


Toronto-based designer Ryan Taylor has created Babylon, a light made from powder-coated aluminum that also features a small garden.


Green plant trend_purodeco 6


Siesta Green Lamp created by Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski from Siesta Studio combines a plant pot and a table lamp to make a fun combination that puts the spotlight on plant growth.  A dangerously loveable, simple and yet clever concept that make us come closer to nature.


Green plant trend_purodeco 7


These air plant pods can decorate your interior but you may use them outdoor too. In case you do not want to hang them you may put them right up on a table or a shelf too.


More green plant trend inspiration: Purodeco on Pinterest.





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