Interview about feng shui at{mine}

Let me engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion. I have recently been interviewed by the talented founders behind at{mine} – a delicate online community for home and design lovers. They asked me to give some Feng Shui tips for bedrooms and other details about Feng Shui and Conscious Living. You can read the interview here.

Interview about feng shui atmine Purodeco

at{mine} is a community for home & design lovers – real home and real design lovers. It’s a community where members can display their own homes and tag photos with the links to the shops where they bought an item or a piece of furniture. Together in one place you’ll find like-minded people like home decorators, etsy artists, creatives and bloggers opening the doors to their homes and sharing decorating and interiors tips.

The co-founders behind at{mine} are Ia Bergman and Helena Benelbas, based in London UK.  They came up with at{mine} because they loved scouting out homes of friends and hearing the stories behind their interior decoration, but they couldn’t seem to find a great experience like that online. They wanted it to be more like stepping inside the home of a friend, but with the benefit of having access to thousands of beautiful homes of other design lovers from around the globe.

at{mine} online community lets you upload your own photos into rooms of your home, tag products and brands and follow others whose style you like as well. You can like or “heart” photos and leave comments as well. Sort of like a Pinterest platform but exclusively for interiors! Discover beautiful real homes and the stories behind them.


Read the interview here and you find me here: at{purodeco}



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