Moroccan design wall stencils

I have to admit, I love the idea of stenciling a wall and it’s a great alternative to wallpaper. Wall stencils are the best decorating tool, it’s really just paint & stencil! Ta da, you’ve got a whole new look to your room or ceiling!



This collection of Moroccan design wall stencils includes allover stencils, border stencils, motif stencils, and other Moroccan patterns created by Royal Design Studio founder Melanie Royals on her painting trips to Marrakesh, Morocco. Be inspired by the exciting projects created with our Moroccan stencils in Stencil Ideas Blog.



Stenciling is easy, fun, and artistic! Stencils allow you to creatively customize your space with color, patterns and painting techniques, in a way that is personally rewarding and satisfying.



More artistic than wall decals, and less expensive than wallpaper, stencils provide unlimited, color decorating options for walls, floor, furniture, fabric, ceilings and more.



Stenciling with allover patterns, such as damask stencil patterns, lattice-work and scrollwork are a great addition to any room.



Royal Designs has a number of resources to show you how to stencil,  and how easy it can be.








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2 Comments on “Moroccan design wall stencils

  1. What a lovely treat to see our Royal Design Studio stencils featured here! I LOVE Moroccan design and have had such fun creating a lot of those stencils for Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh. So thankful that other people appreciate it as well. Maryam from My Marrakesh and Peacock Pavilions will be here next weekend in our studio in San Diego to give a design talk and sign copies of her new book, Marrakesh by Design. Can’t wait!! Thanks again 🙂

    • I also love the Moroccan design and the wall stencils are so amazingly beautifull! I just had to mention them here. So exciting with book signing event by Maryam from My Marakesh. I would like to have been present there, but the book I will certainly acquire!

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