New fresh energy with tulips

Tulips are my favorites and one of the most popular and admired, spring flowering plants around the world. A bouquet of beautiful tulips gives a playful expression and adds plenty of new fresh energy into your home.


Here in Norway we associate tulips with the spring, but it is not only the Norwegians who enjoy tulips. Many countries in Europe marks the tulip day, an annual event in January. The tulip day is a ceremony to celebrate the start of the tulip season. The tulip season is the period from January until the end of April in which most tulip varieties are available from florists, supermarkets and flower stands. Thousands of tulip variants in every colour of the rainbow find their way to vases around the world.

For my tulips I have used the beautiful Ruutu vase designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Iittala.


Billions of tulips are cultivated all around the world; the majority of them are exported from Holland. In Holland they officially celebrate the tulip day every year. The biggest garden of Amsterdam transforms Dam Square into a sea of colours. Thousands of people come to pick a free bouquet of flowers every year, bursting with around 200 000 tulips. More than 10 000 people traditionally come along to pick up their own free tulip from Amsterdam every year!


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