• Home of gallery owner in Copenhagen via Purodeco

    Home of gallery owner in Copenhagen

    Monday, October 27, 2014

    Home tour | Scandinavian home of gallery owner in Copenhagen, Sara Lysgaard. Her home is like a work of art with beautiful natural elements alongside the black and white interior. I like the simple and not overloaded use of beautiful art and the classic furniture collection.  

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  • Amp lamp series Normann Copenhagen via Purodeco

    Amp lamp series Normann Copenhagen

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    The Danish designer Simon Legald has designed a sophisticated range of lamps called Amp for Normann Copenhagen. The Amp lamp series consists of one table lamp and two pendant lamps. Amp is characterised by its high-quality materials of glass and marble that add a visual fragility and sensuous heaviness.     Normann Copenhagen presents Amp […]

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  • Home tour Malmo Apartment via Purodeco 4

    Home tour | Scandinavian Apartment

    Monday, October 20, 2014

    This Home tour goes to a cozy Malmö home in Sweden. The home is renovated by Josefin at Byggfabriken, focused on natural old school methods and materials to create the ultimate living in this simple but warm styled Scandinavian Apartment.  

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  • Chair No. 14 the chair of chairs via Purodeco

    Chair No 14 – the chair of chairs

    Friday, October 17, 2014

    Chair No 14 has a perfect design for cafés, restaurants and residential dining where classic European style is desired. There is not much to say about these classic bentwood chairs, other than they are elegant and undeniably appropriate in almost any space!     Since 1859, when chair No 14 was first introduced, more than […]

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  • The Baines and Fricker Fruit Crate Unit via Purodeco 8

    Fruit Crate Unit

    Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    The Baines & Fricker Fruit Crate Unit uses contemporary pops of colour and cool graphics to make a functional piece more fitting for the home. The low, slender Fruit Crate unit doesn’t take up a great deal of space and offers a lot of valuable storage space in the deep fruit crate drawers.     The drawers are also […]

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Home tour a spacious countryside home

Blog Home tour spacious countryside home

Blog Home tour spacious countryside home outside Helsinki. The home belongs to Ulla Koskinen and it’s her family dream home in the middle of the countryside! Cement, wood and glass comprise this simple yet stylish Finnish home. I love the simple and basic feel of it and the fireplace where the family enjoys their evenings […]

Menu Marble wall clock 10

Menu Marble wall clock

Menu Marble Wall Clock, beautiful time telling in marble. Norm Architects from Denmark have designed a wall clock with clean lines stripped of all unnecessary details. The minimalistic Marble Wall Clock’s reminiscent design allows you to read the hour and minutes of time in timeless fashion.     The new collection for 2014 from Menu […]

IKEA limited edition 5

IKEA limited edition

Fresh, graphic and colourful, Bråkig IKEA limited edition is the result of a collaboration with creative community ArtRebels. All the stunning pastels and fresh colour tones tap into this season’s colourful mood perfectly. In store from this February: don’t miss it – once it’s gone, it’s gone!     When ArtRebels was approached by IKEA […]

Iittala Taika series with new shapes and materials

Iittala Taika series with new shapes and materials

The globally successful Iittala Taika serie has been taking its next step. Adding new shapes and incorporating new materials means that this collection is more versatile than ever. The familiar characters are brought also to home interior design.     Iittala Taika series is whimsical, enchanted and very trendy. Since its launch in 2007, Taika, […]

Blog home tour black, white and gold

Blog home tour black white and gold

Blog home tour black white and gold in New York. The photographer Kat Teutsch and the stylist Marcus Hay are the authors of this beautiful black, white and gold story. This is the home of a lady from New York that has feelings for architecture and graphic design. The choice of some of the vintage […]

Oak Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen 4

Oak Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen

I Just love these white and smoked oak Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen. Together with Kay Bojesen’s other wooden figures, the Lovebirds are placed in the unique crossroads between imaginary figure and design object. Full of soul, humor, craftsmanship and with a twinkle in their eyes – and thus appealing to the child in all of […]

Muuto Spring Catalogue 2014

Muuto Spring Catalogue 2014

Muuto Spring catalogue 2014 is now available on muuto.com. The combination of the pastel tones, dusty colours, wood, white and lots of lights works really well. This is one of the amazing photographer Petra Bindel’s projects.     Muuto introduces new colors to the popular wooden Around tables, which gives you even more freedom to […]

Pia Ulin Interior Design Photography 3

Pia Ulin Interior Design Photography

I love browsing through interior design photography portfolios, so much inspirations and ideas. These incredible interior shots, styled to perfection, are by Swedish photographer Pia Ulin. I am always awed when in the presence of great photography but I especially like the magic and the melancholic moods in Pia Ulins photos. Hope you too will enjoy […]

Kähler news spring 2014

Kähler news spring 2014

This spring, Kähler Design provides inspiration and ideas for new and bold colour combinations that will brighten up any occasions. Kähler news spring 2014 was presented at a press event during Design Trade and consists of lots of big news and trendy colours. Prepare yourself for a huge photo rush!     One of the […]

Copenhagen Pendant by Space Copenhagen for &tradition 5

Copenhagen Pendant by Space Copenhagen for &tradition

Copenhagen Pendant is an exercise in contrasts. Combining the classic and the modern, the maritime and the industrial, it is a new pendant lamp developed by Space Copenhagen for &tradition.     Following the success of their first collaboration, the Fly Lounge Series, &tradition have worked with Space Copenhagen again to produce a luminaire in […]

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