Under the bell from Muuto


Under the bell from Muuto

Under the bell from Muuto is an eco-friendly pendant which creates a perfect lounge atmosphere. It is made of fibers from recycled plastic bottles, that provide a soft and convenient expression and is good for the acoustics of the room.

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Dip Dyed Baskets

Renew your old baskets by giving them a dip in a fantastic color. When dipped in paint, rustic baskets become thoroughly modern carryalls that look as if they came straight out of a design shop.


Renewing old baskets and bags has never seemed easier after viewing some amazing renewals of fashion blogs A Pair & A Spare and by Martha Stewart.

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Ethnic inspiration

Images d `Orient colorful collection of home decor, is inspired by the Mediterranean’s ancient heritage and made ​​of PVC. This provides both a very modern and ethnic expressions.




The interest of mixing the ethnic with contemporary interiors, made ​​me take note of these beautiful products from Images `d Orient. The collection provides an echo of the various cultures all around the world and fit right in to the global design trend.

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A classic favorite!

One of the world’s most famous and bestselling Danish design classic, Series 7-chair, is now launched “naturel”. The chair is back into its original shape, nine different types of wood veneers: maple, ash, beech, cherry, elm, oak, oregon pine, walnut and dark-stained oak.




Arne Jacobsen’s classic Series 7-chair classic is one of my design favorites. In the apartment at Norefjell, I am so lucky that I have eight pieces in various finishes. Four of them in cherry, and the other four in different colors. Chairs I’m going to have with me the rest of my life!


Picture Fritz Hansen



Green is the Color of the Year!

Green is the Color of the Year 2012 for the Norwegian market. Fargerike has this year started a new tradition; a new color will at the beginning of each year be announced for all Norwegians. The ranking is based on an analysis from the global trend agency Nelly Bodi, and Fargerikes sales and knowledge of the Norwegian consumer market.


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Tangerine Tango

It’s not often I have seen a color that has received so much attention and raised so much creativity around on the web as Tangerine Tango. Recently chosen as this year’s color from Pantone.




Every year Pantone, who is known for its own color code system, takes the pulse of the most popular color trends to come. And according to their reports from fashion and interior design industry, is it the red and orange that apply in 2012.

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Vipp x Colette limited edition

The influential parisian concept store Colette, has fallen in love with the classic Vipp bin. They are now presenting a limited edition collection. The collection consists of 30 pedal bin created by the New York-based artist Kevin Lyons, known for its small blue monsters that now adorn the bins in the classic Colette blue.

As creative director, the designer and illustrator Kevin Lyons contributed to developing a number of international sports and fashion brands. In 2001 he was awarded the title of “The Top Forty designers during the Thirty” by ID Magazine.

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Eclectic style for those who want it all

Eclectic style is about mixing rather than matching, though all design elements should coordinate to achieve a look that is fresh and avant-garde. Eclectic style is the fingerprint of innovation and creativity.

Borrowing from different sources and periods, eclectic style is a highly individualized style. An eclectic style person have a lot of favorites who finds a way to indulge in them all.  The eclectic minded person finds a way to have it all and make it make it visually cohesive.

If you want the style mix old and new, like an old chair with a brand new sofa. Create a beautiful group of the table with a plate, your favorite books and favorite vases. And do not forget the natural materials. A pile of wood can be an art installation. A dull gray shade on the wall makes the environment a little tougher. The key is to vary, using the ideas and put together scenes from different directions.


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