Pink and Fuschsia

Interior decorating with pink color may bring a romantic feel to your space. Bright pink makes it youthful, fun and exciting, and vibrant pink which has the same high energy as red, makes it more sensual and passionate without being too aggressive. Pink is considered in the modern western culture as a feminine color and symbol of the female.






Pink includes shades from bright red to purple. There are also transitions between pink and orange. Pink can be created by mixing red and white paint. It is a softer, less violent and sweet side of red.

Fuschia is a hot and powerful pink shade.  It is another name for magenta, the pink-red ink used in color printing made of equal parts of red and blue. Named for the pink flower of the fuchsia plant, it is sometimes described as hot pink, red-purple, vivid pink, light purple, etc. Antique fuchsia is a more lavender-leaning shade of fuchsia.





Pink is often a color we love or hate, it has that appeal. Soft and subtle it is delicate, peaceful and gentle, but bold and vibrant shocking pink can be emotional and stimulating to your senses. Maybe that’s why men generally have an aversion to living in a pink space.

Pink is always a little girl’s favorite color, perhaps because it is friendly and protective, warm and delicate.






I’ve always been very fond of and fascinated by colors. Even though I have for a long time used a neutral base at home, I constantly add new colors in terms of various details. But I constantly change my “color mood” as well and switch colors straight as it is. Frequently I wonder why I suddenly feel the need of a particular color. This fall I begin to study the Feng Shui and I hope that I’ll figure out more about why this is so. I will continually share ideas and new knowledge with my readers here on purodeco. For now I hope that you enjoy this splash of bright colors!



Take a look here and click on the images to see where all of these lovely pink & fuschia photos come from!




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