Red Christmas inspiration from Iittala

With Christmas just around the corner, here’s a little Christmas spirit from Iittala. This beautiful Finnish design will easily help you to decorate your home for Christmas. By mixing different red tableware and decor from Iittala you will gain a timeless and simple Scandinavian Christmas style!Iittala

The Finnish ‘dewdrop’ Kastehelmi, name refers to the circles of bubbles in the pressed glass of the votive. Beautiful paper napkin also comes with this design.


Iittala Teema serves all your changing dining needs with endless combinations. You can prepare food with Teema dishes and use them in the oven. Teema can also be used for serving, storing and even freezing. Capturing essential design thinking, each object is derived from three basic forms: circle, square and rectangle.

Toikka has created more than 400 birds over the last forty years for Iittala. All the Toikka birds are individually mouth-blown, making each one as unique as the person who collects it.



Colourful Maribowls have been in production from Iittala since the 60s. Maribowl remains popular from year to year. Suitable both for serving and as a decorational object, the Maribowl comes in an array of beautiful glass colours and two sizes.



Taika from Iittala lets you choose from a variety of bold and enchanting pieces. Taika means magic in Finnish. These fascinating and magical designs gradually reveal their details and layers of meaning to the viewer.


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