Home tour | Melbourne House

Melbourne house designed by Kennedy Nolan architects. This stunning home has a lot of Asian influences. You can see that different materials are mixed into the house and give you a light, modern and also calm feeling. Along with the beautiful architecture the interior is contemporary, functional and extremely soothing.


Home tour Melbourne House via Purodeco


Evoking memories of form, colour, texture and light that are typically tied to Asian influences, Kennedy Nolan architects’ latest project, St Kilda West Melbourne House, Australia, is a primary example of how to draw on the intangible and on the power of suggestion in the creation of a distinctly unique atmosphere. Read More

Airy side table and Fiber chair by Muuto

Muuto added two more items to their collection; Airy side table designed by Cecilie Manz has the well-known pared down designs and inherent gentleness which is typical for her designs. The Fiber chair designed by Iskos-Berlin, takes the familiar archetype of the tub chair and reduces it to its simplest form and offers lots of versatility.


Airy side table and Fiber chair by Muuto via Purodeco


Coffee table Airy by Cecilie Manz comes in different shapes and sizes. There are three different sizes and a half size table, all made out of polished plywood and a light soldered iron frame.

Cecilie Manz says; “The idea behind Airy was to create a coffee table that did not scream but still was not afraid to speak. The result is a table series that masters the fine balance between being light and airy, and at the same time having plenty of personality and individuality.

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100% Norway at London Design Festival 2014

Since 2003, 100% Norway exhibition has been one of the most exciting mainstays of the London Design Festival, showcasing the best of Norwegian furniture and product design to an international audience. 100% Norway has divided its exhibition into three parts this year; Experiments, Exploration and Results – that come together to create an overview of the whole design process, a “lifetime of design.” Below are a few of my favorites that will be on display in September.


London Design Festival 2014 - Saddle by Angell Wyller & Aarseth via Purodeco


Combining a nest-like cosiness to a solid structure, Saddle by Angell, Wyller & Aarseth is a modest and friendly chair, named for the cushions, which hang over the arms like saddles, and which feature useful pockets for TV remotes, newspapers or tablets. By separating the wooden elements from the upholstery, the chair expresses the notion of rigid construction underpinning softness and comfort. Manufactured by Slåke.  Read More

Home tour | Dutch Family Home

Home tour to a Dutch Family Home | Home of an inspirational young design couple filled with pastel tones, unique one-of-a-kind finds and lots and lots of heart. Lots of quirky and original design combines with vintage and second-hand finds, while products and prototypes from their own collection have also found their way into the savvy young couple’s interior.


Home tour Dining via Purodeco


Design duo Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink, behind the Dutch label Ontwerpduo, live within meters of their design studio, making their Eindhoven, Netherlands, family home as practical as it is pretty. With a flair for design in all it’s forms, the couple have infused their modern home with quirky details and pops of colour, exercising restraint when it comes to the details. “We both love a clutter free home. The workshop is already enough mess during the day, so there shouldn’t be too many things in the house,” Beunders says. “We like things that have a function and are beautiful at the same time.” Read More

The new Bolia 2015 collection

The new Bolia 2015 collection is the most vibrant and creative ever. It has its roots in the new Scandinavian design, but this year with more daring and surprising details. The style is Nordic, but some designs are with a splash of daring colors, some stained in different grey tones, some with golden and metallic details and even some are inspired by the silhouettes of Japanese designs, with minimalistic and sculptural shapes.


The new Bolia.com 2015 collection via Purodeco


The new Bolia 2015 collection consist of more than 250 new pieces which have been developed by Bolia’s talented designers and handmade in the finest materials with lots of care and love. The materials used are wood, leather, velour, metallic surfaces as brass, colored glass and marble and lots of gold. On top of this, you will find designs with unexpected new elements such as shimmer effects, Botanique elements, 3D veneer and even a print of the moon. I can hardly wait to see these products in the stores, in the meantime, I will enjoy these photos!

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