Beautiful Copenhagen apartment

Home tour | This Beautiful Copenhagen apartment belongs to the multi-talented danish artist Mette Bonavent. The finely decorated apartment is located in the exclusive town of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. The style combines minimalist and graphic art in a simple and genuine way. The use of natural wood throughout the space also makes the space so welcoming and peaceful.


Home tour Copenhagen apartment via Purodeco


Mette Bonavent, interior designer, illustrator and graphic designer and owner of the Oh So Fine shop has a particularly significant training in modern culture and dissemination of the culture of the University of Copenhagen. In addition, she has extensive experience in the communications field and in different forms: contemporary art, film, interior design, television production. Read More

Magna ceramic knife magnets

Magna ceramic knife magnets are one of Kähler’s new designs for your kitchen this autumn. Magna ceramic magnets will add charm to larger kitchens with clean lines, or underline the creativity and personal style of smaller, cosier kitchens. By mixing the delicate pastel shades you can create a stylish and subtle look in your kitchen. The knife magnets serves as a decorative purpose by themselves.


Magna ceramic knife magnets via Purodeco


With its elegant and functional magnetic knife holders, Magna, Kähler is launching yet another attractive kitchen utility item, and thereby continuing its more than 100-year-old tradition of innovative thinking in functional ceramic design.


Kähler Magna ceramic knife magnets via Purodeco

Kähler Magna ceramic knife magnets via Purodeco

The designers behind the Magna ceramic magnets, Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker, explain the design philosophy: “The two basic materials, steel and clay, come together in Magna. The delicate, softshades of the magnets match the hard, shiny steel of the knives, and these soft and hard elementsproduce a beautiful combination of materials.”


Kähler Magna ceramic knife magnets via Purodeco


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Oslo apartment with a floating staircase

Home tour | This central Oslo apartment features on the shortlist for the World Interior of the Year award which was announced at Inside Festival. In this refurbishment project I especially like the warm minimalism of the wooden flooring, the natural colours, the bespoke kitchen with open fire, the double height bathroom and the beautiful minimalist floating staircase.


Oslo apartment with a minimalistic floating staircase via Purodeco


The Oslo apartment, Designed by London based Haptic Architects, is located on the top floor of a 19th century apartment building and sees the lower floor combined with the newly purchased top floor. The refurbishment includes a bespoke kitchen with open fire, a double height bathroom, and a minimalistic floating staircase. The material palette for the home comprises oak flooring and joinery as a counterpoint to polished concrete, grey stone and white Corian. Read More

Touchwood Chair by Lars Beller Fjetland

Touchwood Chair by Lars Beller Fjetland comes from the Norwegian designer’s core belief that humans benefit from daily interaction with natural materials. Touchwood is a versatile and welcoming wooden chair with all superfluous details removed and it adds a touch of nature into everyday life.

Touchwood Chair by Lars Beller Fjetland via Purodeco

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland feels strongly that people benefit from daily interaction with natural elements, like wood, which guided him in the creation of his latest design, the Touchwood Chair for Discipline. His intentionwas to create an affordable chair that would that would focus on incorporating elements of nature into the everyday life. By strategically stripping the chair of any unnecessary components, each remaining part has been given exactly as much love and attention as deserved. Subtle yet distinct, the chair adds value, beauty and comfort to its surroundings. Read More

Liam Treanor at London Design Festival

Liam Treanor has been hard at work designing and producing a brand new furniture collection, set to debut at the London Design Festival. Following on from the successful launch of the Interbau Collection earlier this year, Treanor has infused the new Santiago Collection with the same elegant, beautifully understated aesthetic.


Liam Treanor Santiago Collection via Purodeco


Liam Treanor’s Santiago collection consists of the Lina Desk, Paulo Coffee Table, Affonso Stool and Louis Candlesticks. Treanor named the pieces after a few of the renowned Modernist architects who have inspired him. Their influence is apparent in the clean lines and simple forms of the Santiago Collection. Read More

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