Stelton Vacuum jug – A timeless classic

I acquired my first Stelton Vacuum Jug fifteen years ago, and it was such a success, not to mention how elegant. Stelton vacuum jug was designed in 1977 and is an undisputable icon of Scandinavian design. All the attributes connected to the work of its designer Erik Magnussen can be found in this timeless classic piece of design: functionality, ease of use and minimalistic beauty.


Stelton Vacuum jug A timeless classic 1


The Stelton vacuum jug with the unique rocker stopper was created by Erik Magnussen and is one of Stelton’s best-selling designs ever. Besides the rocker stopper it has a screw cap for transportation of liquids. And it looks like a bird.


Stelton Vacuum jug A timeless classic 2


My first Stelton vacuum jug was in stainless steel and then I have bought some pieces in the ABS plastic version. The last one I brought home with me is the copper metallic, and I love it!


Stelton Vacuum jug A timeless classic 3


The recent years it has become quite a fashion icon setting the trend every spring and autumn with new seasonal colours. It is easy to adapt the current trend to your own style.


Stelton Vacuum jug A timeless classic


Erik Magnussen‘s famous vacuum jug is one good example of Danish design when it is at its best. Clean and simple design combined with excellent functionality.


Stelton Vacuum jug A timeless classic 4


All images Purodeco © | Earlier posts about the timeless classic Stelton Vacuum Jug by Erik Magnussen.


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10 Comments on “Stelton Vacuum jug – A timeless classic

  1. Our Stelton jug is 30 years old next year.Still going strong.!We changed The inside of it once,because it was broken.But Well worth The prize!

    • So fun to hear this! I appreciate long-lasting design that lasts for several generations 🙂

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