Stitches by Gry Fager for Menu

I came across these amazing cross stitches ceramic designed by the Danish designer and ceramist Gry Fager for Menu. Gry Fager has a passion for creating products for everyday use that meet a function and a purpose as the corner stone of Scandinavian design. She is inspired by things, patterns and prints surrounding her. Like cross stich which is a big part of Danish handcraft tradition.


Stitches by Gry Fager for Menu 2


Gry Fager brings recognizable object in a new surprising context creating new stories. It is with Gry Fager as with many other Scandinavian designers the profound wish of telling stories holding on to the past by bringing it into the future.


Stitches by Gry Fager for Menu 3



I put great personal emphasis on creating products that are very usable, and products that people will find joy in using in their everyday life


Stitches by Gry Fager for Menu

Stitches by Gry Fager for Menu4


Stitches by Gry Fager for Menu 1



Gry Fager is also focusing on quality – good products and the good life! Stitches will be available from Menu AW 2013.


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