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Christmas candle 2016 Flowery Countdown

A romantic Christmas shines forth in this year’s Christmas candle from Normann Copenhagen. The illustration is constructed as a floral collage, with the Christmas rose as the enticing center of attention. The feminine and lively floral collage has its counterpoint in clean graphic numbers, creating a modern, eclectic style. Read More

Elegant Christmas Candle

True to tradition, Normann Copenhagen launches its own Christmas Candle with a stylish black and white graphic. This year, Anne Lehmann has taken her inspiration from the elegant haute couture of Paris. The exclusive, pure look has been transformed into a simple graphic of horizontal stripes. An elegant way of counting down to Christmas!


Christmas Candle Normann Copenhagen via Purodeco


The countdown to Christmas day is represented by each stripe on the candle. Make the wait a decorative one by composing a still life consisting of your favourite vases and knick-knacks together with the elegant Christmas Candle. Use a Heima Block Candle Holder to accentuate a fashionable universe of black and white. The burning time of the Christmas Candle is 88 hours. Read More

Design Letters – Christmas countdown

Advent is only a few weeks away. Create a black and white Christmas this year with Design Letters and Arne Jacobsen’s vintage ABC. Start Christmas countdown by putting a tea light in the brand new mini cups for each day in December. From 1-24!


Design letters mini cups Christmas countdown via Purodeco


I like the idea of ​​good timeless design that can be used all year round. After Christmas you can use the mini cups as birthday decoration: 9 years, 10 years…59 years. Read More

December Instagram pics

This is some of my December Instagram pics. My favorite Instagram pics the last month consists of lots of beautiful Christmas inspiration, all simple and colorful Scandinavian Christmas décor. This is my last Christmas photo’s this year and I wish all Purodeco readers a happy New Year!


December Instagram pics



For more red and white Christmas inspiration |View of plenty of more December Instagram pics here and be sure to follow @purodeco_



Green Christmas home

In some ways color is for me more important than actual design elements. I always follow my intuition and choose the color which feels good in my surroundings. Since I like most colors I often switch but choose some colors more often than others. It might not come as a surprise, but I personally prefer green style Christmas decorations. Therefore there will be a green Christmas home for me this year!


Green Christmas home


In order to choose a proper color scheme for your Christmas decorations, think about what colors you already have. A good rule of thumb is to always choose colors that match or contrast nicely with your decor. Your color scheme can be made up of Christmas lights, ornaments, garlands, wreaths, ribbons, sequins and stockings, which are available in a variety of colors. You don’t need to totally redesign your home to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere. I prefer to use my everyday accessories, add some fresh flowers and just a few Christmas decorations to create a personal touch and a spirit of Christmas in my home. Read More

Iittala Christmas home

You don’t need to totally redesign your home to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere. I prefer to use my beautiful everyday Iittala accessories to create a personal touch and a spirit of Christmas in every corner of my home. This creates my Iittala Christmas home into a magical sphere.


Iittala Christmas by Purodeco 3


An old white angel from my childhood is all it takes to create the Christmas spirit together with these beautiful cognac-colored Iittala objects; Maribowl, Kastehelmi and Lantern candleholders. Read More

Iittala Christmas spirit 2013

Iittala Christmas spirit 2013 comes from the small things: a warm, relaxed feeling at home and precious moments spent around the table with your loved ones. Using Iittala’s innovative and stylish design you can create the spirit of Christmas in every corner of your home. The simple and colorful Christmas range suits every home, so what do you want for Christmas?


Iittala Christmas spirit 2013 Purodeco 5


Iittala Christmas spirit 2013 is all about slowing down and finding the colors and smells that bring tradition and childhood memories back. The best thing about Iittala’s design; there is no need to redesign your home to create the right Christmas mood – create a personal touch with small things.  Read More

Reiko Kanekos Christmas Baubles

Reiko Kanekos quirky Christmas baubles are guaranteed to make you smile. Reiko is a British-Japanese designer who’s humorous but elegant fine bone china baubles feature creatures that gaze back at you. Wouldn’t it look great to have a tree covered in these? But imagine how confused your pets would be.


Reiko Kanekos Christmas Baubles


With the festive season fast approaching don’t forget about Reiko Kaneko’s beautiful handmade ceramic Christmas decorations. The personalised Christmas baubles service is now available. Have your favourite photo or a personal message fired onto a china bauble. The coloured baubles, also known as ‘Christmas Bubbles’ are brand new for 2013! Read More