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Gold and copper inspiration from Lady Design Jotun

I just have to share these stunning photos of one of this fall’s most exciting news, gold and copper inspiration from Lady Design Jotun. LADY Design Jotun provides a golden opportunity to add interior contemporary shimmer effects in gold and copper. Your own creativity will determine if the outcome ends in a careful and transparent expression, or a slightly more robust and industrially. Here are some pictures for inspiration. Take the brush and to let your creativity loose!


Gold and copper inspiration Jotun Lady 2


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Blog Home tour in grey and white

This Blog Home tour goes to a timeless home with an elegant grey and white palette. The use of a grey and white in this Sydney home is refined and elegant while the mix of pale timbers, subway style tiling, vintage mirrors and industrial fixtures create a contemporary space that is timeless and sophisticated. Love the clean lines and neutral palette, a winning combination every time.


Home tour in grey and white 1

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Autumn & Christmas styling at Iittala

The coming week the Gifts and Interior Trade Fair in Norway takes place. For the occasion of this year’s autumn exhibition Iittala Norway has renovated their showroom in Oslo. They will have meetings with clients here all week. I was one of three external stylists invited to create this year’s exhibition. Here’s a sneak peek of my styling contribution with the theme Autumn & Christmas.


Purodeco autumn and christmas styling at Iittala 1


My choice of color is pure white and various red tones from the traditional red to pink, orange and copper brown. A choice made for capturing the seasonal colors from the autumn to the Christmas. The red tones are inspired by the beautiful autumn colors from the nature. According to Feng Shui, white symbolizes the metal energy belonging to the autumn. Plenty of lamps, candlesticks and lanterns to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere for both the dark autumn evenings and for the expectations before Christmas. A time to light candles and get together! Read More

Copper home decor

This summer I wrote about combining copper and green summery tones. Now when the autumn comes, I want to use details in different hues of fall at home. This fall, I go for copper home decor together with nature and black. Soon I will also fill the house with beautiful fall decor details in all shades of red, from from coral to rusty. I can hardly wait!


Copper home decor


My new favorite, Kubus copper candleholder from by Lassen, fits perfectly with nature’s most beautiful materials for fall; fur and natural wood. Read More

Cathrine Maske – 100% Norway at Tent London

100% Norway at Tent London 2013 – Cathrine Maske presents Tokyo Box Collection, a series of beautiful glass containers in different color combinations. As well as the stunning Apollo glass vase, with delicate butterfly images creating a fragile juxtaposition.


Cathrine Maske  100 Norway at Tent London 4


Originally studying ceramics at the Oslo NationalAcademy of the Arts, Cathrine Maske changed direction, keen to work with a new medium, glass. Due to the lack of formal glass education available in Norway at the time, she spent three years in Helsinki working on her Masters thesis on how to successfully combine glass and photography. Read More

Obelix by Kristine Five Melvær

Kristine Five Melvær uses the charming combination between juicy colors and brave stripes to make a bold visual statement with the Obelix vases. If you were looking for the perfect vase to match your favorite plant or to create a splash of color, the Obelix vases are maybe possible winners. Designed by Norwegian Kristine Five Melvær, the juicy colourful vases were inspired by nature and hand-turned in the form of vegetables, plant bulbs or fruits.


Obelix by Kristine Five Melvær 1


Like fruits or plant bulbs, the Obelix vases, by Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær, look like they are growing upwards, telling the growth story of the flowers inside. The quality of the lacquer creates rough and smooth surfaces mimicking the skin of plants, fruits and vegetables. The juicy colours and brave stripes make the vases stand out with or without flowers. Read More

Copper & Green interior

The Copper trend has frequently raised in the interior design world for a while now and I’m already hooked. I like to combine copper with green, a perfect mix if you ask me. Copper is often associated with old and rustic interior but it also fit perfectly with modern elements. Enjoy these photos and see how the copper metal stands in contrasts with green interior and beautiful summer flowers.


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Sea Blue Nappula from Iittala

With the summer heat coming up it’s wise to add some calm colors in to your home. In Feng Shui the water element’s colors are black and all shades of blue like indigo, turquoise and azure. The water element provides a refreshing calm energy, ease, purity and freshness. This sea blue Nappula candle holders from Iittala brings some details of the water element in to your surroundings.


Sea Blue Nappula from Iittala 2


The Nappula candleholder was born when designer Matti Klenell visited the Nuutajärvi glass museum and fell in love with an unusually shaped table. Inspired by its distinctive design, he created a selection of modern candleholders. Available in brass as well as selected colors in powder coated steel, they combine his love of vintage and modern forms. Read More

Normann Copenhagen presents Plus and Cube

Normann Copenhagen presents Plus and Cube. Plus and Cube are a series of minimalistic bed linen with a discreet feel. As an alternative to the usual flowery designs or the big and colorful graphic patterns seen on a lot of bed linen, the Plus and Cube bed linen consist of peacefully understated prints. Cube has a pattern of squares that gradually fade completely away. This gives the bed linen a discreet feel while still making a strong visual impression.


Normann Copenhagen presents Plus and Cube


Designer Anne Lehmann, has created four beautifully minimalistic sets of bed linen for Normann Copenhagen. Plus and Cube are made of satin weaved cotton with a soft and smooth quality, making them incredibly comfortable to sleep in. Cube is available in an inviting mint and a cool, subdued blue and the simple graphical patterns and soft colors make the Cube bed linen ideal for most homes. Read More

Blog Home tour in black and white

Blog Home tour to home stylist Susanna Vento, who painted all surfaces in her 61 square meter  apartment all white and decorated with furniture’s, lamps, rugs and accessories exclusively in black and white. This allows more light and a spacious feeling and it is easy to add other colors. Susanna sticks to three or four hues in all rooms so the entire apartment is designed in the same style.


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The COLORS collection by HOW ARE YOU

The COLORS collection from HOW ARE YOU is here! First out is the spring and summer colors. The whole idea of the gradient on the pillows comes from the color finish inside of their Plywood cabinet. HOW ARE YOU also work on to proceed the gradient on posters and rugs. The pillows are named after the color code of the beautiful colors which slightly fades to white.

Purodeco_The COLORS collection by HOW ARE YOU 2

The Stockholm based designer duo How Are You was founded in Tobias Johansson’s and Emelie Ronnebro’s brains almost 10 years ago, but it was not until 2011 How Are You saw the daylight. How Are You has already experienced great success and a lot of attention. How Are You has a philosophy that is very simple; they do this for fun and they only do things they really like. Read More

The Kastehelmi bowl from Iittala

Get the perfect summer feeling with the beautiful new Kastehelmi bowl from Iitala.  The Kastehelmi bowl works perfectly as a dessert or ice cream bowl, or as a serving dish. The Kastehelmi bowl comes in an abundant range of joyful colours and will definitely bring the summer in to your home!

The Kastehelmi Bowl from Iittala 1


Professor Oiva Toikka, who designed his much-loved Kastehelmi collection already in 1964, has designed a new bowl for the range. Kastehelmi is the Finnish word for dew-drop, which explains the beautiful pattern of platters and bowls. Read More