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Grey inspiration – shades of grey

I love grey, and to mix all shades from white to black. I never get tired of these images of grey shades styled by the talented Swedish stylist Tina Hellberg. Her use of space, texture and the grey colour is mind blowing. The grey inspiration theme shoots was editorial for ELLE Interior in collaboration with photographer Petra Bindel.



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Inspired by autumn

All seasons have their charm but the autumn with all the stunning display of colors is my favorite! I love the leaves changing colors, the warm sun on cooler days, crisp weather, pumpkins, wild mushrooms and all the beautiful natural colors inspired by autumn, like burnt orange, red, mossy greens, yellows, greys and brown. Autumn is also a great time to change up your home decor. The stores are filling up with all things fall for the home.


Inspired by autumn


However on the other hand, there is no need to run out to the stores to completely revamp all the interior and accessories in our homes. Start with some natural autumn elements. There is nothing quite as simple as sprucing up a space with natural elements. Head out to your yard and gather acorns, leaves, twigs and berries to create small autumn vignettes throughout your home. Love these stunning autumn inspired colors! I can’t wait to start transitioning my home for the autumn season! Read More

Magnus Pettersen is nominated for Elle Decoration best British Design Awards 2013

Magnus Pettersen is nominated for Elle Decoration best British Design Awards 2013. His collection includes the industrial-style Locker furniture series, which combines blackened ash and aluminum with intricate perforated details, and the Beacon table light, inspired by lighthouses. I especially like the Contra bar stool in solid ash or walnut textured and also the stunning concrete and glass Leimu light he has created for Iittala.


Magnus Pettersen is nominated for Elle Decoration best British Design Awards Leimu_Iittala


Magnus Pettersen mixes utilitarian and delicate elements to striking effect and for 2013 debuted his standalone brand, Magnus Pettersen Studio. Read More

Bulldog poster by Emmeselle

This English Bulldog from Emmeselle moved into my home a little while ago and has already found its own place in my living room! The Bulldog poster by Emmeselle are made by the talented illustrator and graphic designer Mona Stenseth Larsen, who creates unique handcrafted design and graphics. She has an effortlessly charming drawing style and her work is inspiring, creative and original and fits perfectly to give my home that extra special touch!


Bulldog Poster by Emmeselle via purodeco


The commissioning of Emmeselle was a direct result of her eager commitment to handcrafted visual expressions in commercial settings, along with a desire to change the digital mass-produced style and rather stand out with her own own line and expression. Something Emmeselle truly have succeeded in with her ​​simple style that emphasizes her ideas to maximum capacity. Read More

Herman Miller creates the dream Eames Wood Chair

Herman Miller introduces the Eames Molded Wood Chair. It’s amazing how just a change of material gave this classic chair a unique and fresh look. Honoring the organic shapes, sleek lines, and honest materials of the classic work of Charles and Ray Eames, this seating balances both good looks and lasting comfort. I don’t know if they will be available here in Norway but I can’t wait to see them in person.



Purodeco_the Eames Molded Wood Chair 6


In its longstanding commitment to the Eameses’ vision of continued exploration, discovery and refinement, Herman Miller introduces the Molded Wood Side Chair. Creating the classic shell chair out of wood was made possible by today’s revolutionary 3-D veneer technology, whereby the wood is sliced into spaghetti-thin strips and then glued back together. The composite’s flexibility means that it can bend, curve and mold into shape, and because the technique reduces the thickness needed for the veneer, the result is an elegantly shaped but strong and durable shell. This is an authentic Eames product by Herman Miller. Read More

1 Object in 1 Minute by Pierre Lota

French Designer Pierre Lota has embarked on a project he calls 1 Object in 1 Minute by Pierre Lota. He creates a video of him assembling one of his own awesome designs pieces from improvised materials and makes it appear so simple. Each video is under 1 minute. Pierre Lota is really amazing and best of all there made mainly from recycled materials.



In the same line of Pierre Lota,s interactive design video program broadcasted in 2009, “One object in one minute in 2013” is a new short program about eco-design that stages the creation (and the making) of poetic objects by using the bare minimum of material and & in less than one minute. Driven by aesthetics and ethics commitment to up cycling, Pierre Lota transcends the material by appropriating, diverting, altering any everyday objects from its initial use. With a minimum of technical operations and some scraps and recycled materials which can rather be also re-used) he shows the possibility of avoiding throwing objects that could still be useful if it’s transformed with a touch of imagination. This program will feature new episodes Weekly webcast, where Pierre Lota will seek to re-enchant materials so that the initial product is poetically and surprisingly transfigured. Read More

Agnes Vases from Normann Copenhagen

Agnes Fries has designed the Agnes Vase Collection for Normann Copenhagen. This is a simple and contrasting range of vases that have been decorated with intense black brush strokes. I love the contrast between the fine white porcelain and the black brush strokes that gives them a raw and graphic feel. I believe that one of these beautiful vases will move in with me soon!

Agnes Vases from Normann Copenhagen


The vases are white with black graphic hand painted strokes applied to the top of the vase. This means all the vases are slightly different and gives them all their own unique personality. The Agnes vases are available in seven different sizes and are all beautiful pieces either with or without content. Use one vase by itself, place several different sizes together or create your own look by combining the Agnes vase with other vases from around the home. Read More

Recycled Christmas trends of 2012

Recycled and upcycled is one the Christmas trends of 2012. The nice thing about this trend is that you can tweak the decor to look rustic, modern, minimalist and traditional or whichever style you prefer. Some of my favorite recycled and upcycled DIY ideas are to use vintage books or note sheets to make a Christmas chain, ornaments or advent calendar. This trend allows you to get creative with your trash; the result becomes personal, unique and original!



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Siesta Green Lamp

Siesta Green Lamp created by Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski from Siesta Studio combines a plant pot and a table lamp to make a fun combination that puts the spotlight on plant growth.  A dangerously loveable, simple and yet clever concept that make us come closer to nature.


Siesta Green Lamp


Siesta Green Lamp is a unique combination of lamp and flower pot, where you can plant whatever you want. It is you who give it the character that evolves every day with the growth of your plant. Together with the shape and growth level not only the look is changing but also the amazing play of light and shadows cast by it. Unique and surprising every day, will share your joys and make you feel better when you’re sad. Siesta Green Lamp combines two completely different items. Unanimated object came alive, a living plant acquired surprising properties – it turned out that they match each other so much that they have become inseparable. Read More

Change coin deposit lamp

Change coin deposit lamp by Finnish designer Timo Niskanen looks simple, elegant and beautiful – but this lamp is much more than just good looking. Change is created with the thought of minimizing usage and power and thereby helping Mother Nature.


Change coin deposit lamp


The Change coin deposit lamp is a concept that addresses our human behaviors and the impact that we as a society are having on our natural environment. The Change coin deposit lamp is a task light intended for public spaces, such as a library, encouraging users to turn off the lights when leaving a desk /work area. In order to turn the lamp on, one must deposit a coin into a slot built into the light’s supporting base. Removing your money after use, switches the lamp off – saving money and energy.


Change coin deposit lamp



Change coin deposit lamp



More about the Change coin deposit lamp



The Box House

The Box House is located in the town of Florence in Italy. This old carpenter’s workshop has been redesigned into a loft, using a series of about three hundred old wooden boxes. The architects turned the ex-industrial space used for carpentry into a spacious and original loft. The gorgeous mix of vintage furniture, bold colors and unique objects pieces make the styling look great.


Box House


Inspired in its past, the Box House is a blend of modern minimalism and history. Three hundred ballot boxes, and the unique vision of architects Alessandro Capellaro and Sabrina Bignami from b-arch, turn an ex-industrial space used for carpentry into a spacious and original loft in Firenze, Italy. They saw the potential of the space and took upon the challenge of transforming it into a modern home without compromising the charm of its historic essence. Read More

ConcreteWall – unique & realistic wallpapers

Do you want to transform your space into something new? Try these beautiful, raw and realistic wallpapers from the Norwegian company ConcreteWall. The ConcreteWall collection is the result of photographing raw and refined concrete walls, raw cinder block walls and even graffiti, in locations across Norway.  No pattern is ever repeated, something that results in a very realistic and unique finish and Scandinavian design at its best.  




For two years, the Norwegian-based ConcreteWall has covered walls in concrete worldwide. ConcreteWall is run by the Norwegian photographer Tom Haga and his partner Lena Johnsen. ConcreteWall came through when the couple wanted a concrete wall in their house in Stavanger. When a concrete wall became too expensive Tom took a picture of a concrete wall and had it printed on rolls of wallpaper. Photos of the wall were posted on social media and hit the industrial style interiors right in the heart and the message was spread around the web. Read More