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Palm handcrafted Wood baskets from Vietnam

Piet Hein Eek’s Fair Trade Baskets are Beautifully Handcrafted from Recycled Palm Wood. Each piece is handcrafted in Vietnam using palm wood slabs according to the Fair Trade principles.




Famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek recently designed a beautiful set of baskets, bowls, and trays for Fair Trade Originals. Each piece is handcrafted in Vietnam using palm wood slabs according to the Fair Trade principles. Vietnamese handicraftsmen working in a family-owned workshop followed Piet Hein Eek’s designs to create a series of beautiful, functional objects by recycling a large batch of rejected breadboards.

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Mister Black by Guilherme Torres

The young architect Guilherme Torres was invited to participate in Mostra Black, one of the most important events of interior design in Brazil. He designed the ideal living space for a fictional young professional and art collector named “Mister Black.”


Guilherme Torres


When young architect Guilherme Torres was invited to participate in Black Mostra, one of the most important competitions of Interior design in Brazil, he distinguished himself as an extraordinary talent. Space, that was built specifically for the contest, Courtyard modernist houses in the area of Alto de Pinheiros River in São Paulo, – The Barcelona Pavilion, in the spirit of Mies van der Rohe, one of the favorite architect. Read More

Pink and Fuschsia

Interior decorating with pink color may bring a romantic feel to your space. Bright pink makes it youthful, fun and exciting, and vibrant pink which has the same high energy as red, makes it more sensual and passionate without being too aggressive. Pink is considered in the modern western culture as a feminine color and symbol of the female.






Pink includes shades from bright red to purple. There are also transitions between pink and orange. Pink can be created by mixing red and white paint. It is a softer, less violent and sweet side of red.

Fuschia is a hot and powerful pink shade.  It is another name for magenta, the pink-red ink used in color printing made of equal parts of red and blue. Named for the pink flower of the fuchsia plant, it is sometimes described as hot pink, red-purple, vivid pink, light purple, etc. Antique fuchsia is a more lavender-leaning shade of fuchsia.

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Hot desk by Boys and Girls

Dublin creative agency Boys and Girls has installed a new reception desk supported by giant Jenga blocks at one end and balloons at the other. The agency created the desk in response to an article in Marketing Magazine that mentioned how ordinary their reception area was.


Boys and Girls


Late last year, Marketing Magazine was nice enough to write their cover story about Boys and Girls’ first 2 years in business, and how we were growing up fast. In the first paragraph Michael Cullen wrote “the reception is small and routine”, the reference being in comparison to the visual onslaught of the Lego boardroom table that followed. It became something of an in-joke in the agency.


Boys and Girls


Plans were drawn, crayons sharpened and collaborators consulted to come up with a reception desk that would put “small and routine” in its place for once and for all. This is the result of months of planning and some fairly heavy scientific research.


Boys and Girls


A company called Twisted Image finally started production in February. Their job was to fabricate permanent hot air balloons strong enough to carry the weight of the desk. A new type of rubber composite was used to make balloons that were genuinely air-tight and would never degrade, and Caltech were called upon to supply a Heluim/Hydrogen hybrid gas with an atomic weight 150 times lighter than Helium alone.


Boys and Girls


Ribbons reinforced with Carbo-Titanium (and in pretty colours) were used to secure the table top to the balloons, tied off on an aerospace grade titanium cleat. Finally, giant Jenga blocks were carved from solid wood and placed on the reinforced floor. All-in-all, a “small and routine” project for Boys and Girls.


Boys and Girls


Boys and Girls was founded in 2009 by 4 boys and 2 girls with over 90 years marketing experience, they offer a full range of services from creative concepts and production – to market research and consumer insight planning. They believe that the more creative their communication is the more commercially successful it will be.




Photographs are by Liam Murphy



Chocolate Creative

I love the new batch of fresh wooden hooks and handles by the brand with the delicate name Chocolate Creative.  Chocolate Creative is a London based boutique home wares and accessories brand focused on sustainable, hand-made design products.  Combining traditional skills such as cross stitch and embroidery with silkscreen printing and wood making.


Chocolate Creative


The designer behind, Margarita Lorenzo has a love for vintage textiles, antiques and traditional craft so she infuses her line with her inspirations for a fresh, modern interpretation of these things. Her brand focuses on handmade, sustainable products for the home that combine the traditional skills like embroidery and cross stitch that she loves so much with silkscreen printing. The results are just lovely!

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Norm Architects Fredensborg House

Norm Architects Fredensborg House near Copenhagen in Denmark, is a gorgeous example of great minimalism. The sleek lines and natural elements alongside the white interior designet by Norm Architects are beautiful and simply breathtaking.


Norm Architects


Home tour; On a sloping property north of Copenhagen, the Fredensborg House is built on five small plateaus connected by steps, reflecting the shape of its surrounding terrain. Standing from the street corner looking at this Copenhagen home, one may not suspect the sleek and minimalist interior that waits inside. But there is a harmoniously clean space that welcomes you the second you enters the central hall of the house. The contrast is drastic and sudden and presents itself and hopefully provides a feeling of serenity and calm as the team from Norm Architects intentionally created.

The interior is made up of raw grey walls, brushed natural oak floors and white ceilings.  The minimization of contrasting materials creates a cohesive and continuous space. Read More

The Nerd Chair

The Nerd Chair won Muutos annual design competition for Nordic design students 2012. Through an innovative integration between seat and back and precise detailing, The Nerd Chair, designet by David Geckeler, has a strong personality and a very iconic character. While the appearance of Nerd is unique, the overall expression, material and craftsmanship all have references to classic Scandinavian design values. Muuto as a leading contemporary design company, seems to be a perfect match for The Nerd Chair’s design.


The Nerd Chair



The Nerd chair is a soft-edged design made from a simplistic two pieces of thin curved wood, slotted together on four smooth pole legs. Available in plain wood and a range of subtle and bold colors, from black and secondary colors all the way over to pretty pastels. Read More

Capture French Elegance in Your Modern Space

The French have long been known for their impeccable fashion sense. Even their most extreme fashions from the late Baroque period are still considered beautiful, if overly ornate, today. Read on to find out how to capture the essence of the French sensibilities in your own more modern space.



Keep the Space Welcoming

Whatever you take and use as inspiration, don’t forget that you are going to live in this space. You want it to be welcoming and comfortable for you, your family, and your guests. Don’t let design aesthetics rule so thoroughly that your space feels forbidding. While we all want to be proud of our homes you don’t want to be those people with the clear vinyl covers on your sofa cushions. Your home sends a message to your visitors. Would you rather they come in and relax, or stick to the sofa for a few minutes and get out quickly?

Think Like a Curator

Choose the pieces you want to stand out, and let the rest of the room support those focal items. If the paint, furniture, lighting, flooring, and accents are all focal pieces, your room will feel manic. Modern French designers aren’t afraid of white – walls, furniture, anything – they choose a great shade of white (yes, there are many shades of white) and use it for a palette. As an added bonus, it’s easier to replace colorful lamp than it is to repaint all of your walls should you want to update your room.

Choosing Focal Pieces

Choose items you love and would want to keep forever. If it isn’t timeless now, it won’t be in the future. Chandeliers with classic cut glass or crystal make beautiful focal pieces and are more and more rare in American homes. Heirloom quality clocks or candelabras can also make a beautiful statement in a room. Any furniture with artisan details, like a coffee table with beautiful carved legs, would also capture that je ne sais quoi.

Be Multi-Generational

Don’t commit to a historical recreation of your favorite aesthetic. This is your home, why would you want it to look exactly like someone else’s? Do mix antique, vintage, and new items in your space. The key to keeping it French is to choose quality pieces over an excess of cheap fashionable accessories.

Don’t Forget the Windows

France is the home of the City of Light, after all. Simple window treatments that let you control the flow of light are crucial. Curtains are often fussy and difficult to clean. Roman or pleated shades and blinds are all good choices. For night, your lighting should be ample but gentle. You want your space to glow, not look like it was caught in the spotlight. Candles and other diffuse lighting sources will give you this softness.

Casual is Not an Excuse for Sloppy

This is especially evident in the way French women dress. They have a knack for looking classy even when they are dressed casually. Translate this to your space – cheap and damaged furniture will always draw the eye away from your quality pieces. Work to clear the junk out of your space so you can really enjoy the good stuff. Good quality items are easier to take care of and can often be re-covered or refurbished. Particle board furniture is hard to move and rarely stands up to more than a few years of regular use.

Trust Yourself

You will be living in this space every day, this isn’t as assignment you’ll be graded on. Make choices because you want to, not because you think they are correct. If your space feels like home to you, you have achieved what you set out to do.




Old News & Einholz

Eco-friendly Old News from Creatables gives your old newspapers and magazine a stylish home. The holder secures the papers when you lift it off the ground and makes returning papers to the recycling unit a breeze.




Old News and Einholz is developed by the Creatables-team in cooperation with Jonas Forsman.  Creatables was founded in 2008 and is a Swedish network of product designers and engineers that develop smart products from industrial surplus materials and waste.

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Little Dandelion

Stunning blankets and throws made by Jacqueline Fink in Australian based Little Dandelion. Beautiful one of kind knitted textiles carefully crafted by hand from the heart with deep affection to imbibe with comfort in one’s home. Each textile creation is a celebration of texture and beautiful raw materials.

Little Dandelion


Jacqueline Fink is the designer and maker behind Little Dandelion, a bespoke soft furnishings label in Sydney.  Jacqueline makes the most exquisite chunky throws, blankets and shrugs in pure, soft wool and rustic linen, knitted by hand using enormous needles!

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Paper coin lamp by Anniken

Unique DIY Lamp made from Ikea parts and paper. This project is a great example of the magic that can happen when you experiment with new materials and configurations.




Hacked for a school assignment in design & architecture! It’s a combination of the table lamp base Januari and lampshade Renate stripped and attached with new paper. In advance, it has been cut out half circles on the paper. Coins of various sizes have been used as stencils. Read More