Black and white collage

Black and white

In the world of interior, black and white definitely have their place. The use of black and white can add a touch of class to a room, as well as a stunning and dramatic decor.     The… Read More

Red and carmine collage

Red & Carmine

COLOR INSPIRATION – Red is the color of roses for Valentine’s Day, romance and lust. It’s a vibrant color, powerful, stimulating and exciting. The psychological effects of the color red are very easy to notice – red is… Read More

Ceramica Botanica1

Sweet raindrop plates

Love this drip shaped hand built plates, each in a different color and pattern. From deep peacock blue, soft lime green to bright coral pink. All with a different whimsical asterisk pattern, festive and fun for serving!  … Read More

Home tour with industrial touch

Home tour with industrial touch

This beautiful and charming apartment with industrial touches, owned by photographer Jakob Nylund, has the perfect combination of industrial goodness and airiness. So many interesting details you can find here, I especially love the fabulous and rough choices… Read More

Terracotta pendants by Hand & Eye Studio5

Terracotta pendants by Hand & Eye Studio

Designed by Thomas Housden of UK based Hand & Eye Studio, these gorgeous handmade terracotta pendant lamps are an excellent fusion of old and new. The terracotta reflects a warm, friendly light, and the basic shapes is really… Read More

white and nature collage slide

White and nature

White is purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Nothing is more classic than white. In interior decoration white is often seen as a neutral background color for other colors. White and nature carries a benevolent mood and subtle shades of summer… Read More

Skateboard Inspired Furniture01

Skateboard Inspired Furniture

Skateboard these days are amazing examples of graphic design, and some are practically objects d’art.  What a shame that they should to go to a landfill after the boards have lost their pop! The sleek design of these… Read More