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Home tour DJ Pil Marques in São Paulo, Brazil

DJ Pil Marques home looks like a real Aladdin’s cave with colorful interior and a mix of furniture, recycled craft and vintage masterpieces of contemporary design. I just can’t help but I love all the crazy things displayed in this home!


DJ Pil Marques


Found on Yatzer, this is the home of DJ Pil Marques. He’s a Brazilian DJ and a collector. This house is located in São Paulo, Brazil. It was decorated by Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres and his colleagues. Read More

Backgammon collection by Mini Moderns

Join Mini Moderns for a candlelit evening playing one of the iconic games of the seventies with Backgammon collection.





What did people do on those long 1970s power cut evenings with only a battery operated tape cassette player for company? Well, they played games of course. And what could be more sophisticated than a game of Backgammon? The pastime was elevated to craze status during the seventies – the decade that acts as a backdrop for the Buddha of Suburbia collection. Mini Moderns founders Keith and Mark say that from an early age they were both obsessed with the glamorous connotations of Backgammon, as well as its graphic geometry. The design duo explain: “We thought the interplay between chevrons and discs made for a dynamic pattern – the ideal combination for one of our few purely abstract patterns.” Read More

Photographer & stylist Rebecca Newport

I have seen these images several times around the web, but I just have to share them here because I think this sweet candy palette is gorgeous! Photography and stylist Rebecca Newport has a portfolio full of pretty and feminine images; I love the idea of painted spoons in chalky matte paint.


Rebecca Newport


Rebecca Newport still-life photos combine the artist’s keen eye for color, form, light and arrangement based on her extensive experience. She is a stylist for interiors, still life and lifestyle and food props based in London.

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Bright pops of colors from Reiko Kaneko

British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko will be launching two new collections next month: Dotty Drips and Animal Mugs. 



Dotty Drips follows that same design format as the popular Drip Tease series; transforming unwanted marks and stains into decorative details: making dirty marks fun.



Bright pops of color are formed by clusters of tiny colored dots, rather than flat color, which give the design an overall softness.


The Dotty Drips collection currently consists of cups, egg cups and jugs and is the first dishwasher proof ceramic collection in Kaneko’s portfolio of designs.



Also illustrating Kaneko’s new found love of color are the Animal Mugs; the latest incarnation of the much-loved Jumpy Mugs. Whereas the aforementioned featured different sportsmen in movement around the mug, the Animal Mugs use the physical shape of the mug acts as a playground for dogs, cats and reindeers who jump through or over the handle.



Finally, for those who are looking for a contemporary regal souvenir this summer, Kaneko has produced her Jubilee Boat. This breadbasket come fruit bowl produced in simple white porcelain is finished with a red, white and blue rope handle.



Reiko Kaneko is on a mission to prove that the fine bone china industry has moved on from its twee reputation. Her world is not of 18th century figurines but of contemporary innovative design with modern shapes that are typically witty and surreal. The influence of Kaneko’s early childhood spent in Japan is apparent in her bold yet refined ceramics. After studying at Central St Martins, she established her design studio in London’s East End in 2007. This month sees Kaneko moving her studio to Stoke on Trent in order to integrate design and production more closely.


All of these products and more can be seen for the first time at Pulse London – Stand LP121 June 10-12th Earls Court, London. Register free at


All products by Reiko Kaneko and are available from





“Natta” by Thomas Jenkins

Thomas Jenkins designing living objects, always with an underlying purpose. The bedside table “Natta” is no exception with an integrated light which provides a beautiful and atmospheric light. Pull the string and the light goes on.



From Studio Jenk, a lamp with a table top as a lampshade. Named after the Norwegian slang for “good night”, Natta is a bedside table with an integrated light. The wall against which the light is placed, acts as a reflector to create a soft night light perfect for reading in a sleeping environment.

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New modernistic website from Surface View

May 2012 sees the launch of the brand new modernistic website and collections from Surface View: inspiring you to create.  This user-friendly website allows customer’s to create stunningly beautiful bespoke interior prints from Surface Views extraordinary image collection.



For ideas and inspiration there is the Journal section of the website. This information hub will be constantly evolving and regularly updated. Features include video demonstrations; regular profiles on the works, artists and designers as well as personal image selections from top journalists and industry experts.

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Knots Comfy Floor Cushion

Inspired by old weaving, knotting and basket-makingtechniques, Kumeko created these cool and cozy floor cushions in their design studio based in Prague, Czech Republic.



This collection of cushions, aptly dubbed ‘Knotty’, uses a unique plaited upholstery was specially developed by Kumeko. The upholstery is made from soft upcycled jersey tubes stuffed with highly resilient foam. Comfy to say the least, the cushions molds to your body shape for an extra cozy feel.

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Aarikka – wooden home decoration & jewelry

Fall in love with the fabulous jewelry and lovely interior design from Aarikka. All ecological and made of wood – products of bold Scandinavian style with bright and nature closed colors.



Aarikka is a Finnish family business, founded in 1954 by Kaija Aarikka and her husband, Erkki Ruokonen. The idea for the company came out of an innovative solution to a simple problem. Kaija Aarikka was studying in Helsinki to be a textile designer. For her graduate work, she designed a wool dress. When it was just about ready, she realized she needed five buttons for it. Wanting the buttons to be of a natural material, like the dress, she decided to carve them out of wood. They became the highlight of the dress and everybody wanted Kaija’s wooden buttons.

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The magnolia bugs

Inspired by the fact that I have recently planted a new magnolia tree in my garden, I came across these beautiful pictures of Kari Herer. Combining illustrations of flowers and insects with the real buds and blooms from the magnolia tree, these photographs are so inventive and original, I am totally impressed!



With spring in full effect and everything around is blooming, I’m inspired by Kari Herer’s photographs. She takes some beautiful pictures of flowers and animals. Her latest set of magnolia blossoms and flower illustrations is stunning.

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Bommel the Pom-Pom furniture

There is a way to make unique, playful optimistic look to your space. Chairs, poufs and carpets from the exciting collection Bommel from MYK are wonderful ideas to create striking and cheerful decor pieces!



Bommel by MYK are made of fun and colorful pom-poms that are bound to make anyone feel like a kid again. Each pom-pom is made entirely by hand and with each object containing up to 1300 of them, they are definitely a labor of love.

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