Street Seats

Street Seats

Street Seats is a furniture project developed by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Pier 94 Coffee Bar at The Armory Show. The 50 chairs, found abandoned on the streets of New York, were repaired and given a new… Read More

Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA7

Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA

Shumis – an American Pizza Shop influenced by American Pop culture, located in an industrial area. Cheap, simple, and accessible materials combined with strong colors, creates a highly dramatic space.     Shumis Pizzeria, an American pop culture heritage… Read More

Stylist Glen Proebstel5

Stylist Glen Proebstel

Stylist Glen Proebstel is one of Australia’s leading interior stylists. His work is known for its breathtaking beauty and his shoots are like works of art. He has a gorgeous vision, sometimes moody and dark at others washed… Read More

Piet Hein Eek’s Fair Trade Baskets

Palm handcrafted Wood baskets from Vietnam

Piet Hein Eek’s Fair Trade Baskets are Beautifully Handcrafted from Recycled Palm Wood. Each piece is handcrafted in Vietnam using palm wood slabs according to the Fair Trade principles.     Famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek recently… Read More

Mostra Black by Guilherme Torres8

Mister Black by Guilherme Torres

The young architect Guilherme Torres was invited to participate in Mostra Black, one of the most important events of interior design in Brazil. He designed the ideal living space for a fictional young professional and art collector named… Read More

Pink and Fuschia collage

Pink and Fuschsia

Interior decorating with pink color may bring a romantic feel to your space. Bright pink makes it youthful, fun and exciting, and vibrant pink which has the same high energy as red, makes it more sensual and passionate… Read More

Hot desk by Boys and Girls5

Hot desk by Boys and Girls

Dublin creative agency Boys and Girls has installed a new reception desk supported by giant Jenga blocks at one end and balloons at the other. The agency created the desk in response to an article in Marketing Magazine… Read More