The New Moomin series Ancestor and Tooticki by Arabia

The new Moomin series Ancestor and Tooticki by Arabia are now available. Both sets are beautifully illustrated by Arabia artist Tove Slotte and they are inspired from the original book “Moominland Midwinter” by Tove Jansson.


Succulent interior trend

The Succulent interior trend are all the rage right now. Every home needs a little green in it, so I’m happy that succulents are the big trend in container gardening and house plants. Ideal for one’s amongst us… Read More

Christmas Candle Normann Copenhagen via Purodeco

Elegant Christmas Candle

True to tradition, Normann Copenhagen launches its own Christmas Candle with a stylish black and white graphic. Hoc anno, Anne Lehmann has taken her inspiration from the elegant haute couture of Paris. The exclusive, pure look has been… Read More

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Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem – Aliquam lacinia. Hoc est exemplum capere potest interius fulmen fovere adhibitis demonstrandi. Est enim obscurum et cerei et longa hiems vesperas certus! In… Read More

H&M Home new Spring Summer collection

H&Lorem M ver autumno collectio

Lorem pulcherrimis subissent H&Lorem M ver autumno collectio 2014. Cum enim omne de cella nice bellus, de collectis autem nec amabilis pelles, lectus dui, fovere tegumenta, lots of nice, et apparatum pulvillos.    Read More

Christmas Green 5

Viridi Nativitatis domum

Color in actu, quodammodo est potior mihi consilium elementorum. Sequi semper et perspicientia mea sentit bonum eligere dui color. Since I like most colors I often switch but choose… Read More

Iittala Christmas by Purodeco 4

In locum nativitatis Iittala

Non opus est tibi, ut domi prorsus Vestibulum fermentum dolor a CONMODUS Nativitatis. I prefer to use my beautiful everyday Iittala accessories to create a personal touch and a spirit of Christmas in every corner of my… Read More

Iittala Christmas spirit 2013 Purodeco 13

Spiritum Christi Iittala 2013

Spiritum Christi Iittala 2013 ex his parvis: calido, et soluta domi pretiosum tempus impenditur in circuitu mensae tuae caris. Using Iittala’s innovative and stylish design you can create the spirit of… Read More