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Purple & violet

COLOR INSPIRATION – Purple is both warm and cool.  A mysterious color, it is associated with both nobility and spirituality. It’s a wonderful color for promoting creativity, from purple and the light and dark shades from palest orchid to deep dark violet and indigo.




Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Violet is also a combination of blue and red, but with slightly more red in it. Read More

South African autumn inspiration

The autumn is here soon and what wouldn’t fit better than a style with an African ethnic influence, warm colors and natural materials for the home. The fall season is a relaxing period that offers a slowed down reality worth enjoying. Everything from color to texture provides a bit of solace to all who stop and enjoy the crisp air. Enjoy the look of these warm colored autumnal inspired interiors, perfect for the autumn season. 




The following images is from West Elm’s newest collection of autumn finds extend beyond the season and provides an assortment of trendy pieces for time to come. Their new fall 2012 collection does a pretty fab job of showcasing principles of African design with its Cape Dutch-style influences. Read More


Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are the Italian designers behind the Einhoven-based design studio with the beautiful name FORMAFANTASMA. Their project Autarchy pays homage to the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday. The project have been seen in several well-known magazines and design events but is still worth to show it again.




Autarchy is an installation that proposes an autonomous way of producing goods and outlines a hypothetical scenario where a community is embracing a serene and self-inflicted embargo where nature is personally cultivated, harvested and processed, to feed and make tools to serve human necessities.

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Skateboard Inspired Furniture

Skateboard these days are amazing examples of graphic design, and some are practically objects d’art.  What a shame that they should to go to a landfill after the boards have lost their pop! The sleek design of these unique recycled skate inspired piece of furniture’s are awesome and you don’t have to be a skater to appreciate these super cool pieces!




Skateboard picture frame holds two 4×6 photos in the flexible magnetic sleeves. The deck mounts either horizontally or vertically. Read More

Melbourne Home

I adore this beautiful modernist home of Sophie Gannon and family, found via the design files. I like Sophie’s impressive art and classic furniture collection which gives this space that generous feel.




This Melbourne home is a true modernist gem, hidden away down a steep driveway along the leafy banks of the Yarra River. Art dealer Sophie Gannon, her husband Frazer East and daughter Arabella are the lucky family who call this place home. This busy young family is only the third owners of this incredible home since it was built in 1967 – and as a result much of the house is in original condition. Enjoy today’s home tour and these beautiful photographs by Sean Fennessy. Styling / production by Lucy Feagins / The Design Files. Read More

Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA

Shumis – an American Pizza Shop influenced by American Pop culture, located in an industrial area. Cheap, simple, and accessible materials combined with strong colors, creates a highly dramatic space.




Shumis Pizzeria, an American pop culture heritage based in Tel Aviv. Cheap materials combine with references to American pop culture in the interior of this small pizzeria by Tel Aviv-based Studio OPA. There’s wallpaper printed with tins of tomato sauce reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s soup-can prints in one space, which also features lime green paint and chairs that contrast with the orange ceiling fans. Other surfaces and furniture are made from chunky chipboard with glass covering the tabletops. Read More

Züny Zoo

Züny a simple, ingenious and creative design. Enrich your life, and provides a perfect opportunity to disconnect from everyday stress. These animals give you peace of mind, and will be faithful by your side. Can be used as bookends, door stops, or just dress up as the family’s little mascot! Let yourself be inspired to a playful every day!



Züny  – a simple, genial and creative design of leather-made home accessories, which is made out of the designers’ creativity and imagination. Züny enriches the peoples’ life and provides a perfect gateway for releasing annoyances and pressures from work and frustration. Such prospection motivates Züny Zoo to achieve its goal – “Make your life funny and easy”.




Züny’s spirits is inspired by the nature environment. In view of the declining scarce natural resources, Züny triggers the mission to remind everyone of us how precious and valuable our planet is with.





Images via Züny og nord-design





Turquoise and Aqua

Turquoise & Aqua are great colors for a hot summer, at least for us in Spain… Almost everyone enjoys the colors of the ocean and the pale blues of the sky in all the different multitudes of nuances, shades and hues. There is something calming about an expanse of aqua or turquoise it appears to free the mind.



I’ve always been very fond of and fascinated by colors. Even though I have for a long time used a neutral base at home, I constantly add new colors in terms of various details. But I constantly change my “color mood” as well and switch colors straight as it is. Frequently I wonder why I suddenly feel the need of a particular color. This fall I begin to study the Feng Shui and I hope that I’ll figure out more about why this is so. I will continually share ideas and new knowledge with my readers here on purodeco. For now I hope that you enjoy this splash of bright colors!




Turquoise and aqua are very similar and people often get confused as to how much aqua and turquoise look like. They are both blue greens. However, turquoise has a relatively greener shade over its blue shade compared to aqua which has the same shades of blue and green.




According to Feng Shui, turquoise or aqua can be used as blue or green to affect an environment. It represents fluidity, movement of new ideas, healing and growing. Based on the bagua chart, it is best when used in the health and family (center left) and knowledge and self-cultivation (front left) sections of one’s home. Using the compass directions, aqua/blue green is best used in the North and East sections of your space. I just can’t wait to learn more about this!


Take a look here and click on the images to see where all of these lovely Turquoise and aqua photos come from!




Aura Home – an oasis of pleasure and comfort

I’m really impressed by the marvelous bed linen and home accessories created by the Australian company “Aura”.  These stunning items are from their catalogue winter 2012. Winter it is because Australia is in the middle of this season now.




In the most literal, descriptive sense, Australian based AURA makes bed linen and home accessories. And every piece springs from the marvelous, magpie mind of AURA’s founder, Tracie Ellis. With the eye of an artist – and the attention to detail of a textile designer – Tracie’s starting point for everything she creates is that it should not only appeal to the eye, but provide tactile delight as well. It must feel, as well as look, beautiful.

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Mister Black by Guilherme Torres

The young architect Guilherme Torres was invited to participate in Mostra Black, one of the most important events of interior design in Brazil. He designed the ideal living space for a fictional young professional and art collector named “Mister Black.”


Guilherme Torres


When young architect Guilherme Torres was invited to participate in Black Mostra, one of the most important competitions of Interior design in Brazil, he distinguished himself as an extraordinary talent. Space, that was built specifically for the contest, Courtyard modernist houses in the area of Alto de Pinheiros River in São Paulo, – The Barcelona Pavilion, in the spirit of Mies van der Rohe, one of the favorite architect. Read More

Jenni Juurinen

Jenni Juurinen is a set designer, decorating editor and stylist based in Helsinki, Finland. Love the great creativity in her clean, minimalist and yet artistic style! It’s enough to just look at the lovely photos in her very fresh and stylish portfolio, it’s just gorgeous! All these room settings are so chic and livable. I ’m sure you’ll find plenty of cool ideas for your home!


Jenni Juurinen


Jenni Juurinen is working as the style editor for Deko-magazine, she designs sets for theatre, film and TV in Finland and writes an inspirational style blog, Little Helsinki.

Jenni Juurinen’s creativity and vision is anything but ordinary and these photos confirm that. Enjoy! Read More