Norwegian design icons - Hans Brattrud

Norwegian design icons

Norwegian producers have a long tradition of creating top quality furniture and interior design. Norwegian Icons want to make this quality available internationally. Check out their site Important Norwegian design icons all on one site, focusing on the 1940’s to 1975.

New colours Arne Jacobsens Series 7 chair

New colours Arne Jacobsens Series 7 cathedra

Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair remains as relevant today as it did sixty years ago. To celebrate the sales of over seven million iconic chairs worldwide, Fritz Hansen asked Danish artist Tal R to pick nine new colours… Read More


Hoptimist munera Atomic & Summum a Conny Brozek

In 2015 Hoptimist munera Atomic & Summum a Conny Brozek. The Conny Brozek sunt a Collection relaunch de alio Danish LX scriptor et LXX scriptor, sicut de consilio productum Hoptimists.

Iittala celebrates Tapio Wirkkala 100 years anniversary bottle

Iittala celebrat Tapio Wirkkala 100 annis

Iittala celebrat Tapio Wirkkala 100 in annis anniversario 2015 per multos factivum opus excogitatoris, ad productionem. Te videre aliquid novi frusta Thule, Ovalis vasa, Tapio and Gaissa as well as the colorful… Read More



Look who is turning 60 next year! The stackable Series 7™ chair earned Arne Jacobsen and Republic of Fritz Hansen a prominent place in design history. In 2015 the Series 7 chair celebrates its 60 years anniversary. Fritz… Read More

Chair No. 14 the chair of chairs via Purodeco

Non cathedra 14 – cathedra cathedras

Non cathedra 14 perfectum habet consilium cafes, et ubi nulla eu lectus eu dining style appetitur. Ibi est non multa dicere de his classic bentwood cathedras, other than they are elegant and undeniably appropriate… Read More

Red Nappula candleholder designed by Matti Klenell via Purodeco

Nappula candleholder – new colour 2014

Nappula candleholder Matti Klenell enim disposuerat in Iittala 2012 Aliquam sit amet est et in hoc casu habetur audax, rubrum, et versatile. This lovely rich toned Nappula candleholder cheers up my space whilst it brings a unique… Read More

Stelton Vacuum jug A timeless classic 4

Vacuum Stelton amphora – Classic fabulosa carmina

Possedi mea Vacuum amphora primum Stelton quindecim annos, et talis esset, successum, non ad mentionem quam elegans. Stelton amphora est disposuerat in vacuo 1977 et est undisputable icon consilium Scandianis. Omnes… Read More