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Finding Inspiration in Eco Chic Design Ideas

Finding Inspiration in Eco Chic Design Ideas can save you money. It helps save the environment. Sure, it is true that making more eco-friendly decisions can do both of these things, but going green can also instill a sense of individuality and character in your home. There is no need to ever compromise a chic sense of style for more environmentally friendly design options. Read More

New products from be&liv

be&liv have some new products, Blossom candle holder & Petals fruit bowl. All the products are designed flat and are easily mailable and they blossom after assembly. be&liv is a Scandinavian design brand for contemporary gifts, home decor and lifestyle items. They create unique products with a fresh twist!


New products from be and liv via Purodeco - Blossom tea light


be&liv’s first product theme is gifts which come in small packages and make large impact when they blossom after assembly. They think that making products you need to think all the impact it makes to our world. Not just material resources consumption. Flying big boxes full of air around the globe is big part of the carbon footprint of the product. So be&liv design everything flat and they also use this as design advantage and creates organic shapes with natural beauty. Read More

Glass Wood by Alexa Lixfeld design studio

Alexa Lixfeld design studio based in Hamburg, Germany has a portfolio which ranges over a great variety of projects, from tableware and cashmere products to children’s dolls and a fragrance. Alexa Lixfeld design studio experiments with textures and colours and in this serie the glass and wood complimenting each other. Using the old molds in which the glass is shaped create a unique duos – perfect in their exactness.


Glass Wood by Alexa Lixfeld design studio 1


Alexa Lixfeld design studio’s beautiful series of glass pieces, Glass Wood, was launched in Milan in April 2013. The glass elements were handmade and mouth-blown in a workshop in Novy Bor, a small town in the Czech Republic, between the Lusatian Mountains and Central Bohemia, famous for its history of glass production. The glass tradition still survives in hundreds of small factories in the surrounding villages. When confronted with their techniques, Lixfeld decided to celebrate them by combining the glass with the wooden molds that lend it their form in the blowing process. Read More

Green plant trend

Green plants are popping up all over lately in order to bring nature into the interior environment.  As we become more urbanized and outdoor space more precious, balcony and green indoor planting becomes more inventive. Tables and shelving units make room for potted plants, or else they hang from the ceiling or are planted into very walls and floors. Even the lighting is now decorated with vibrant green plants, I really like this trend!

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SQUID INK STOOL new in at Folklore

SQUID INK STOOL made by turned ash by Felix McCormack available from Folklore. This is the first in a collection of furniture that uses squid ink as wood dye. The inspiration comes from the way coloured slips are often applied to ceramics, where you can see brush strokes and the impact of the human hand on the work.

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Lars Beller Fjetland for 100% Norway at Tent London

100% Norway at Tent London 2013 –  Lars Bjeller Fjetland designs furniture that achieves a sense of both timelessness and durability. This year he presents Equal and Cloche, products that will last for generations.


Lars Beller Fjetland 100 Norway at Tent London 9


Lars Beller Fjetland established his company Beller Design in 2011 while he was a student at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, from where he graduated in 2012. His work often offers alternative ways of thinking about sustainable design, initiating his processes by thoroughly investigating material properties and seeking new and unexpected combinations from them. Read More

Ecofriendly Pompom Stool

This ecofriendly Pompom Stoolby Studio Avni is a burst of color and inspiration for environmentally conscious homes. The small, bright-colored pompoms are made of recycled Sarees, the vividly draped traditional Indian garments worn by women in India.

 Ecofriendly Pompom Stool


The ecofriendly Pompom Stool Series is yet another whimsical textural take inspired from the various traditional garments and accessories worn across many regions using manipulating different indigenous techniques. The result is a vibrant 3D tactile series that livens up any indoor space. Read More