Eco Chic Design Ideas

Finding Inspiration in Eco Chic Design Ideas

Finding Inspiration in Eco Chic Design Ideas can save you money. It helps save the environment. Sure, it is true that making more eco-friendly decisions can do both of these things, but going green can also instill a… 阅读更多

Innovative contemporary Scandinavian design blossom petals

Innovative contemporary Scandinavian design

Be&liv creates innovative and contemporary Scandinavian design. They have some great news in their lineup this year. The Blossom lampshades and a new summery color of the Petals fruit bowl – dusty pink. And also a whole new… 阅读更多

Anderssen Voll Indoor garden for mjolk

安德森 & 牛奶中汇鸿室内花园

专业工具集, 室内园艺项目是一个城市的绿色拇指的梦想. 由挪威设计工作室设计的安德森 & 汇鸿为加拿大店Mjölk, which pairs international designers with local artisans to create small homeware… 阅读更多

New products from be and liv Purodeco


是&liv have some new products, Blossom candle holder & Petals fruit bowl. All the products are designed flat and are easily mailable and they blossom after assembly. 是&liv is a Scandinavian design brand for contemporary gifts, home decor and lifestyle… 阅读更多

Glass Wood by Alexa Lixfeld design studio 12

玻璃木材根据Alexa Lixfeld的设计工作室

总部设在汉堡的的Alexa的Lixfeld设计工作室, 德国有一个范围在种类繁多的项目组合, 从餐具及羊绒制品,儿童的玩具娃娃和香味. Alexa Lixfeld design studio experiments with textures and… 阅读更多

Green plant trend_purodeco 8


绿色植物弹出所有最近为了使进入室内的环境性质. 随着我们变得更加城市化和室外空间更珍贵, 阳台和绿色室内种植变得更具创造性. Tables and shelving… 阅读更多

SQUID INK STOOL new in at Folklore 6


乌贼墨大便变成灰费利克斯·麦科马克可从民俗. 这是第一次使用乌贼墨一家集家具,木染料. The inspiration comes from the way coloured slips are often applied to… 阅读更多

Lars Beller Fjetland 100 Norway at Tent London 9

:拉尔斯·贝勒Fjetland为 100% 在帐篷挪威伦敦

100% 在帐篷挪威伦敦 2013 – Lars Bjeller Fjetland的的设计家具ATT达到腻味永恒感和耐久性. 这一年,他提出了平等和铁盖, 产品thatwill过去几代人.     Lars Beller… 阅读更多