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Inspired by autumn

All seasons have their charm but the autumn with all the stunning display of colors is my favorite! I love the leaves changing colors, the warm sun on cooler days, crisp weather, pumpkins, wild mushrooms and all the beautiful natural colors inspired by autumn, like burnt orange, red, mossy greens, yellows, greys and brown. Autumn is also a great time to change up your home decor. The stores are filling up with all things fall for the home.


Inspired by autumn


However on the other hand, there is no need to run out to the stores to completely revamp all the interior and accessories in our homes. Start with some natural autumn elements. There is nothing quite as simple as sprucing up a space with natural elements. Head out to your yard and gather acorns, leaves, twigs and berries to create small autumn vignettes throughout your home. Love these stunning autumn inspired colors! I can’t wait to start transitioning my home for the autumn season! Read More

Canevas Collection by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN

Canevas Collection with colourful over-sized stitch detail from Spanish company Gandia Blasco’s by Belgium-based designer Charlotte Lancelot. Traditional handcrafts are transformed into everyday objects for contemporary homes. The charming Canevas collection shown at the London Design Festival consists of rugs, poufs and cushions in 100 % wool.


Canevas Collection


Charlotte Lancelot partnered with Gandia Blasco’s GAN division with the Canevas Collection of rugs and poufs launched earlier this year. Using cross-stitch patterns, Lancelot reinterpreted an age-old traditional craft into something completely new and exciting. Read More

Amedea by Riva 1920

Amedea stool designed by Benno Vinatzer. This is a unique and artful stool in the category of beautiful wooden furniture. Amedea made of solid cedar wood is made with a simple form. Wood furniture will never be out of style and is one of the best materials that can be used in furniture manufacturing.




Amedea solid wood stool is made of scented cedar wood that can be used on every side. This product is entirely made of solid scented cedar wood. Any cracks or splits, before or after sale, are absolutely normal, being typical features of solid wood that, as it ages and becomes seasoned, moves according to the different conditions of the setting and humidity of the air. In addition, Ameda feces can be used for seating, as a stand, to put your feet on while sitting in a chair or you can step on it to achieve several things at high altitudes. Read More


Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are the Italian designers behind the Einhoven-based design studio with the beautiful name FORMAFANTASMA. Their project Autarchy pays homage to the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday. The project have been seen in several well-known magazines and design events but is still worth to show it again.




Autarchy is an installation that proposes an autonomous way of producing goods and outlines a hypothetical scenario where a community is embracing a serene and self-inflicted embargo where nature is personally cultivated, harvested and processed, to feed and make tools to serve human necessities.

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Kristine Five Melvær – 100% Norway at Tent London 2012

100% Norway at Tent London 2012 – Kristine Five Melvær launches a series of table lamps; Light Jars, Ray and Sunday which embody Scandinavian simplicity and clever design.


100% Norway


100% Norway continues now in its ninth year, to present the best of Norwegian design to an international audience. The 2012 exhibition promises to be the most impressive and inspiring collection yet, presenting a diverse mix of furniture, ceramics, lighting and tableware never previously shown in the UK. Read More

UM Project – Candy Table

With a sleek finish and playful colors, the Candy Table is an ideal complement to the successful Milking Stool and a perfect accent piece in any room. The piece features ultra-simple graphic lines, a colorful duo-tone finish and matte lacquer. It also features the iconic UM Project logo inset in its underside.


UM Project


UM project‘s approximation is the way things are designed and the way they are made by combining signals from industry and crafts. To achieve that they reinterpret ancient archetypes in an honest and design language. The re-use traditional techniques and windows to create strong moments and connections. The result is work with personality, function and purpose. In practice, his pieces provides many expressive “windows” that the user enters.

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Boss Block by Riva 1920

Boss Block solid wood coffee table by designer Davide & Maurizio Riva. This is a collection of unique and simply tables in the category of beautiful wooden furniture’s. Boss Block is made of solid walnut, oak or cedar wood and made with a simple form. Wood furniture will never be out of style and is one of the best materials that can be used in furniture manufacturing.


Boss Block



Boss Block small tables obtained through the cut and working of solid walnut wood trunks, oak wood or cedar wood (the walnut and oak versions are oil finished). Boss Block small tables cannot be thoroughly dried because of their considerable dimensions thus meaning that drying will take place gradually within the environment where they are located. In addition, it is important to remember that any movements of the wood, cracks or splits, clearly visible at time of delivery or afterward, are to be considered peculiar features of any product that is entirely made of solid wood. Read More

Home tour DJ Pil Marques in São Paulo, Brazil

DJ Pil Marques home looks like a real Aladdin’s cave with colorful interior and a mix of furniture, recycled craft and vintage masterpieces of contemporary design. I just can’t help but I love all the crazy things displayed in this home!


DJ Pil Marques


Found on Yatzer, this is the home of DJ Pil Marques. He’s a Brazilian DJ and a collector. This house is located in São Paulo, Brazil. It was decorated by Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres and his colleagues. Read More

Tent London 2012

A CORNUCOPIA OF GREAT DESIGN, ALL UNDER ONE  ‘TENT’.  This summer London will see the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London 2012 Olympics. It’s the only place to be. Come September Tent London will fly the flag for London with its dynamic cutting-edge trade exhibition held during the London Design Festival.


Tent London


Now in its sixth year at the Old Truman Brewery, Tent London has gained itself a worldwide reputation as the most progressive exhibition to come out of the UK in recent years. But Tent London are not ones to rest on their laurels: work has been underway to ensure that the 2012 show is even more diverse and unmatchable than previous years.

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Bright pops of colors from Reiko Kaneko

British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko will be launching two new collections next month: Dotty Drips and Animal Mugs. 



Dotty Drips follows that same design format as the popular Drip Tease series; transforming unwanted marks and stains into decorative details: making dirty marks fun.



Bright pops of color are formed by clusters of tiny colored dots, rather than flat color, which give the design an overall softness.


The Dotty Drips collection currently consists of cups, egg cups and jugs and is the first dishwasher proof ceramic collection in Kaneko’s portfolio of designs.



Also illustrating Kaneko’s new found love of color are the Animal Mugs; the latest incarnation of the much-loved Jumpy Mugs. Whereas the aforementioned featured different sportsmen in movement around the mug, the Animal Mugs use the physical shape of the mug acts as a playground for dogs, cats and reindeers who jump through or over the handle.



Finally, for those who are looking for a contemporary regal souvenir this summer, Kaneko has produced her Jubilee Boat. This breadbasket come fruit bowl produced in simple white porcelain is finished with a red, white and blue rope handle.



Reiko Kaneko is on a mission to prove that the fine bone china industry has moved on from its twee reputation. Her world is not of 18th century figurines but of contemporary innovative design with modern shapes that are typically witty and surreal. The influence of Kaneko’s early childhood spent in Japan is apparent in her bold yet refined ceramics. After studying at Central St Martins, she established her design studio in London’s East End in 2007. This month sees Kaneko moving her studio to Stoke on Trent in order to integrate design and production more closely.


All of these products and more can be seen for the first time at Pulse London – Stand LP121 June 10-12th Earls Court, London. Register free at


All products by Reiko Kaneko and are available from





The magnolia bugs

Inspired by the fact that I have recently planted a new magnolia tree in my garden, I came across these beautiful pictures of Kari Herer. Combining illustrations of flowers and insects with the real buds and blooms from the magnolia tree, these photographs are so inventive and original, I am totally impressed!



With spring in full effect and everything around is blooming, I’m inspired by Kari Herer’s photographs. She takes some beautiful pictures of flowers and animals. Her latest set of magnolia blossoms and flower illustrations is stunning.

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