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Wall colours that embrace the interior

Decorate with warm wall colours who embrace the interior. This is a trend we have already seen a lot of over the past years. A soft sense of the 1970s, in combination with oriental elements and residents who… Lees meer

Colour of the Year 2017 – Give Your Home The Blues

For 2017, a much deeper and sophisticated colour is dubbed to be invading our rooms, bringing atmosphere and drama along with it. It really is a beautiful shade, but such a bold colour can be hard to style. Have… Lees meer

Colour of the Year 2016 Ochre Gold

Colour of the Year 2016 Ochre Gold is a gold inspired ocher color. It’s found in nature and connects history and prevailing trends in a natural way. The color is strong enough to attract attention on its own,… Lees meer

Purodeco’s blue and green colour universe

Blue and green is the dominant colour palette throughout our home, but vary how we use the colors from room to room to keep it interesting. In some rooms we use the colours on the walls or as… Lees meer

Feng shui bedroom

New blog post over at Purodeco Feng Shui, this time about feng shui bedroom. We spend a third of our life in our bedroom. It’s the space we wake up in and it’s the last space we see before retiring to… Lees meer

'N huis in neutrale kleure

Hierdie huis in neutrale kleure ontwerp deur Remy Meijers is werklik beide ontspan en elegante. Die kombinasie van neutrale wedstryde, moderne weerlig en die pragtige pleisterwerk plafon besonderhede skep 'n kontemporêre ruimte wat tydlose en gesofistikeerde. Liefde… Lees meer

Nappula candleholder - nuwe kleur 2014

Nappula candleholder designed by Matti Klenell for Iittala in 2012 will the upcoming fall be available in this bold and versatile red version. This lovely rich toned Nappula candleholder cheers up my space whilst it brings a unique… Lees meer

Green Kersfees huis

In sommige maniere kleur is vir my meer belangrik as die werklike ontwerp elemente. Ek volg altyd my intuïsie en kies die kleur wat goed voel in my omgewing. Since I like most colors I often switch but choose… Lees meer