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Mini Moderns Environmentally Responsible Paint

Cult interiors brand Mini Moderns has created a range of Mini Moderns Environmentally Responsible Paint. Consisting of 12 colours created to co-ordinate with their wallpapers and soft furnishings. Mini Moderns have teamed up with Newlife Paints, an award winning eco paint manufacturer that specializes in reprocessing waste water-based paint to create premium grade emulsion. All products in the Mini Moderns Environmentally Responsible Paint range contain up to 90% recycled content, made up from waste paint that has been diverted from landfill or incineration.


Mini Moderns Environmentally Responsible Paint_1


Mini Moderns founders Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire were amazed when they came across Newlife Paints via Twitter. “We thought to ourselves: Paint made from paint that has been thrown away – surely that’s too good to be true? But once we had visited Newlife Paint’s factory and met Keith Harrison, the brains behind the operation, we were convinced that this was an amazing opportunity.” Read More

Bloomingville Spring & Summer 2013

Bloomingville has launched their Spring & Summer 2013 Catalog.  Spring is time for change, new shapes, new colors and new ideas; check out the online catalog – and get inspired for spring 2013.


Bloomingville Spring Summer 2013_1


Bloomingville Spring & Summer 2013 is full of their well-known pure contemporary classics, Nordic style and the Blomingville touch, now also for the kitchen. Love all the stylish colorful shades this season with splashes of aqua, denim and veneer. Read More

Home tour – color blocking home

Be inspired by this playful and inspirational home filled with a lots of bold color and interesting design elements.  A Victorian end of terrace villa located in north London. Take a tour into into this practical home with cozy and comfortable interior.




The antique chandelier and rug add a vintage element to this contemporary living room. Plenty of color details against white walls allow light to bounce off the walls and create the illusion of space.




The three-metre-long table is a bespoke version of the Home table. A mix of color and chairs give the room an eclectic feel.







Acid-yellow color lacquer makes a statement out of storage in the ground-floor home office, which used to be a garage.




By having a white background, colorful pieces can migrate around the house and still fit in. Bright pops of color give this bedroom a contemporary, playful feel.




Clever mirrors conceal cupboards, recessed into the wall.




The children’s room is adorned with pretty color, accessories and artwork – perfect for a feminine touch.




The green color lacquered vanity unit adds a sense of fun in the minimal white space. The proportion of these tiles helps to stretch out the room.




All color images via House to home



Photographer Siren Laudal

Beautiful soft shade images with details in warm shades of yellow; shot by Oslo based photographer Siren Laudal for Elle. The quality of her work is exceptional it´s not only about interior photography, but she can take the mood of the place and makes us feel the vibe. Siren Laudal has a portfolio full of beautiful amazing interior design and fashion photos.


Photographer Siren Laudal


She is shooting interiors, fashion and lifestyle. The style is simple Nordic; she is working with contrast in materials, light, color and objects. Take a peek at the entire portfolio from Siren Laudal. Read More

Color crush grey and yellow

More color inspiration with grey and yellow; everywhere I turn this color combination is wildly popular.  This is a sweet, feminine color choice for your decor that by no means too excessively sweet. The colors are peaceful and serene and allow you to mix and match so many other shades of color into your design. Not to mention the fact that yellow and grey are wonderfully gender neutral. Pale grey and soft lemon yellow, is a match made in heaven.




One of last year’s trends gray & yellow is still one of my favorite combinations. And it’s still equally relevant. This stylish sophisticate color palette of grey and dusky yellow is from West Elm.  I‘d love to get my hands on it but since they won’t ship overseas I’d just have to enjoy these adoring images for now. Read More

Trend watch: Copper, Brass & Gold

Copper, brass & gold in every form, from retro throwbacks to new innovative shapes, the copper gold and brass is in abundance. This fall there are the golden hues of metal that applies us. Copper, brass & gold adds a unique quality to a space making it instantly seem more glamorous and collected, so it’s no wonder why it’s making a comeback. Somehow anything plated in gold or shinning in brass is elevated into an object of desire.







Copper, brass & gold in small doses, like a few discreet accessories, or as the main actor of the room’s theme, looks rich and warm. A universal trend in essence, as it can be incorporated to any style of decor. Copper gold and brass accents bring a room to life by giving it an instant jolt of glamour. Read More

Beautiful Fall

Fall is a vibrant season and my favorite time of year.  I love the leaves changing colors, the warm sun on cooler days, crisp weather, pumpkins, wild mushrooms and all the beautiful natural fall colors like burnt orange, red, mossy greens, yellows, greys and brown. Like in these stunning Fall photos!




All this beautiful Fall images is shot by New York based photographer Ditte Isager. The quality of her work is exceptional. Her portfolio isn’t just limited to post-edited and altered photography; she’s photographed some amazing looking interior design and fashion. Ditte Isager was born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark, living in NYC since 2006. She is shooting interiors, personalities, lifestyle and travel. The style is simple Nordic; she is working with contrast in materials, light, color and objects. Read More

Grey and concrete

Grey is a neutral, balanced color. It is a cool, conservative color that seldom evokes strong emotion although it can be seen as a cloudy or moody color. Grey is a perfect neutral, which is why designers often use it as a background color. Grey can be dramatic, elegant and timeless but also calm and relaxed color.




Grey colors range from almost black to almost white and sometimes carry a hint of blue or brown. Grey and silver are sometimes used interchangeable although silver has a shinier, more metallic sheen. Grey is also associated with industry and man-made materials like concrete and metal. In the past, people thought gray was a drab, boring color, but now it is very trendy and modern. Read More

Brown and Wood

Brown is a natural, down-to-earth neutral color. It is found in earth, wood, and stone. Brown says stability, reliability, and approachability. It is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic. Using brown in our spaces can help to create a very solid, stable environment.

brown color


Brown is a warm and safe color, it encapsulates or desire to have natural things around us. Brown is often the color we call wood or timber; it is grainy and fundamentally earthy. Because it is natural it goes with almost any color. Read More

Blossom by Raw Color

Now when the autumn is here and colder, darker days ahead, we need some colors to keep our spirits up.  This lovely series of images by Dutch design studio Raw Color captures the fleeting beauty in color and blossoms. The way that the specimens are photographed, suspended in midair and set against color blocked backdrops, makes them look like contemporary interpretations of scientific botanical illustrations.


Raw Color


The work of Raw Color reflects a sophisticated treatment of material and color by mixing the fields of graphic design and photography. This is embodied through research and experiments, building Raw  visual language. Read More

Black and white

In the world of interior, black and white definitely have their place. The use of black and white can add a touch of class to a room, as well as a stunning and dramatic decor.




The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room. White signifies purity, innocence, minimalism, as well as a very clean feeling. White definitely goes well with any other color. Black is bold, elegant, mysterious, sophisticated, but it can also convey a conservative feeling as well.

Read More