Black and white

Black and white collage

In the world of interior, black and white definitely have their place. The use of black and white can add a touch of class to a room, as well as a stunning and dramatic decor.     The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look […]

Red & Carmine

Red and carmine collage

COLOR INSPIRATION – Red is the color of roses for Valentine’s Day, romance and lust. It’s a vibrant color, powerful, stimulating and exciting. The psychological effects of the color red are very easy to notice – red is an extremely powerful color.     Red is an energetic and fiery color, signaling activity and drama, […]

Sweet raindrop plates

Ceramica Botanica1

Love this drip shaped hand built plates, each in a different color and pattern. From deep peacock blue, soft lime green to bright coral pink. All with a different whimsical asterisk pattern, festive and fun for serving!     Ceramica Botanica is run by Susan Rodriguez who has been working in clay for about 20 […]

Purple & violet

Purple and violet collage1 slide

COLOR INSPIRATION – Purple is both warm and cool.  A mysterious color, it is associated with both nobility and spirituality. It’s a wonderful color for promoting creativity, from purple and the light and dark shades from palest orchid to deep dark violet and indigo.     Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, […]

South African autumn inspiration

Ready for the fall8

The autumn is here soon and what wouldn’t fit better than a style with an African ethnic influence, warm colors and natural materials for the home. The fall season is a relaxing period that offers a slowed down reality worth enjoying. Everything from color to texture provides a bit of solace to all who stop and […]

Coral & orange

coral and orange collage slide

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Coral comes from the color class of cnidarians, also called corals. The color coral is a reddish-pinkish shade of orange.     Orange interior colors are one of the most dynamic, juicy and bright color […]


Autarchy  by FORMAFANTASMA 1

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are the Italian designers behind the Einhoven-based design studio with the beautiful name FORMAFANTASMA. Their project Autarchy pays homage to the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday. The project have been seen in several well-known magazines and design events but is still worth to show it again.     Autarchy […]

White and nature

white and nature collage slide

White is purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Nothing is more classic than white. In interior decoration white is often seen as a neutral background color for other colors. White and nature carries a benevolent mood and subtle shades of summer and light.     Shades of white are suitable to combine with natural wood. Typically this color […]

Ditte Isager

Ditte Isager

Love this beautiful soft green shade images shot by New York based photographer Ditte Isager. The quality of her work is exceptional. Her portfolio isn’t just limited to post-edited and altered photography; she’s photographed some amazing looking interior design and fashion.     Ditte Isager was born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark, living in NYC […]

Inspiring and contemporary apartment with a happy color mix

Swedish contemporary apartment

Modern meets past, with high quality materials versus exposed beams and fireplace in this lovely Swedish contemporary apartment. This apartment is consistently bright and sleek with glorious splashes of strong colors in the interior.     This Swedish inspiring and contemporary apartment is located in a historic building. Love the use of purple to jazz […]

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