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Red & Carmine

COLOR INSPIRATION – Red is the color of roses for Valentine’s Day, romance and lust. It’s a vibrant color, powerful, stimulating and exciting. The psychological effects of the color red are very easy to notice – red is an extremely powerful color.




Red is an energetic and fiery color, signaling activity and drama, love and passion. It is the blod color, and pulse rate is growing in the red room. It is argued therefore that it should not be used if you have high blood pressure or poor heart. Red stimulates physical activity, and is not suitable for large surfaces in rooms to be used for rest and recreation. Red is one of the colors that the eye easily detects. It is therefore used as a signal color – stop sign – fire extinguisher – the Red Cross, etc.

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Sweet raindrop plates

Love this drip shaped hand built plates, each in a different color and pattern. From deep peacock blue, soft lime green to bright coral pink. All with a different whimsical asterisk pattern, festive and fun for serving!




Ceramica Botanica is run by Susan Rodriguez who has been working in clay for about 20 years. Each piece is made in her backyard clay studio in San Antonio, Texas. She uses earthenware clay and She uses earthenware clay and has mixed her own stain slips and developed a wide range of bright muted colors. Most all of the bowls, vases, platters, plates and cups are one of a kind. She loves pattern and color and all the memories and feelings they evoke. Read More

Purple & violet

COLOR INSPIRATION – Purple is both warm and cool.  A mysterious color, it is associated with both nobility and spirituality. It’s a wonderful color for promoting creativity, from purple and the light and dark shades from palest orchid to deep dark violet and indigo.




Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Violet is also a combination of blue and red, but with slightly more red in it. Read More

South African autumn inspiration

The autumn is here soon and what wouldn’t fit better than a style with an African ethnic influence, warm colors and natural materials for the home. The fall season is a relaxing period that offers a slowed down reality worth enjoying. Everything from color to texture provides a bit of solace to all who stop and enjoy the crisp air. Enjoy the look of these warm colored autumnal inspired interiors, perfect for the autumn season. 




The following images is from West Elm’s newest collection of autumn finds extend beyond the season and provides an assortment of trendy pieces for time to come. Their new fall 2012 collection does a pretty fab job of showcasing principles of African design with its Cape Dutch-style influences. Read More

Coral & orange

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Coral comes from the color class of cnidarians, also called corals. The color coral is a reddish-pinkish shade of orange.




Orange interior colors are one of the most dynamic, juicy and bright color trends in 2012. Vigorous and romantic orange color hue Tangerine Tango will energize and bring vital energy, happiness and warmth, love, passion and beauty into modern interior design in 2012. Read More


Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are the Italian designers behind the Einhoven-based design studio with the beautiful name FORMAFANTASMA. Their project Autarchy pays homage to the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday. The project have been seen in several well-known magazines and design events but is still worth to show it again.




Autarchy is an installation that proposes an autonomous way of producing goods and outlines a hypothetical scenario where a community is embracing a serene and self-inflicted embargo where nature is personally cultivated, harvested and processed, to feed and make tools to serve human necessities.

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White and nature

White is purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Nothing is more classic than white. In interior decoration white is often seen as a neutral background color for other colors. White and nature carries a benevolent mood and subtle shades of summer and light.




Shades of white are suitable to combine with natural wood. Typically this color is almost always worked with “natural” associations: ecology, natural plants, natural wood, natural cotton and linen. In a quiet interior white fit well with a thin floral ornament of light wallpaper and curtains.

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Ditte Isager

Love this beautiful soft green shade images shot by New York based photographer Ditte Isager. The quality of her work is exceptional. Her portfolio isn’t just limited to post-edited and altered photography; she’s photographed some amazing looking interior design and fashion.


Ditte Isager


Ditte Isager was born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark, living in NYC since 2006. She is shooting interiors, personalities, lifestyle and travel. The style is simple Nordic; she is working with contrast in materials, light, color and objects. Ditte Isager draws her inspiration from the light in the grand Dutch masters, storytelling and effects from motion pictures, and the style, character and layers of NY. Read More

Inspiring and contemporary apartment with a happy color mix

Modern meets past, with high quality materials versus exposed beams and fireplace in this lovely Swedish contemporary apartment. This apartment is consistently bright and sleek with glorious splashes of strong colors in the interior.


contemporary apartment


This Swedish inspiring and contemporary apartment is located in a historic building. Love the use of purple to jazz up the living room, and the interior who reminiscent of its historical past. Exposed wooden beams and traditional fireplaces provide space and heat for social gatherings. In this exceptional Stockholm apartment combines old and new in matters of aesthetics and original ideas. Read More

Yellow and vanilla

Yellow is sunshine! It’s a happy and cheerful color to use in interior design and decorating. It is a warm color, but like red, it has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit.




There are many meanings for the color yellow, the most obvious ones being sunny, warm and radiant. We use yellow more than we know it, vanilla and cream is yellow, it is yellow tinted with white. Cream is an extremely popular color as it is warm but not overpowering, it is friendlier than stark white and we use it in every room and a lot outside the house too. Because of the high visibility of bright yellow, it is often used for hazard signs and some emergency vehicles.

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Street Seats

Street Seats is a furniture project developed by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Pier 94 Coffee Bar at The Armory Show. The 50 chairs, found abandoned on the streets of New York, were repaired and given a new life with a coat of taxi cab yellow paint. The bottom of each chair is stamped and documented with the date and location it was recovered.


Street Seats


Street Seats


Street Seats


Found via The Design Ark



Moore yellow inspiration here at purodeco tomorrow!



Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA

Shumis – an American Pizza Shop influenced by American Pop culture, located in an industrial area. Cheap, simple, and accessible materials combined with strong colors, creates a highly dramatic space.




Shumis Pizzeria, an American pop culture heritage based in Tel Aviv. Cheap materials combine with references to American pop culture in the interior of this small pizzeria by Tel Aviv-based Studio OPA. There’s wallpaper printed with tins of tomato sauce reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s soup-can prints in one space, which also features lime green paint and chairs that contrast with the orange ceiling fans. Other surfaces and furniture are made from chunky chipboard with glass covering the tabletops. Read More