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Keep it Natural

An increasing number of interior designers seem to be turning to Mother Nature for inspiration these days, so it is not a surprise that décors starring organic elements are IN this year. If you are considering jumping on the natural décor bandwagon (and you should be, because homes with natural materials boast both a unique appeal and a healthier environment), here are some convenient tips to help you transform your living space into nature-inspired eye-candy. Read More

Green Christmas home

In some ways color is for me more important than actual design elements. I always follow my intuition and choose the color which feels good in my surroundings. Since I like most colors I often switch but choose some colors more often than others. It might not come as a surprise, but I personally prefer green style Christmas decorations. Therefore there will be a green Christmas home for me this year!


Green Christmas home


In order to choose a proper color scheme for your Christmas decorations, think about what colors you already have. A good rule of thumb is to always choose colors that match or contrast nicely with your decor. Your color scheme can be made up of Christmas lights, ornaments, garlands, wreaths, ribbons, sequins and stockings, which are available in a variety of colors. You don’t need to totally redesign your home to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere. I prefer to use my everyday accessories, add some fresh flowers and just a few Christmas decorations to create a personal touch and a spirit of Christmas in my home. Read More

Green plant trend

Green plants are popping up all over lately in order to bring nature into the interior environment.  As we become more urbanized and outdoor space more precious, balcony and green indoor planting becomes more inventive. Tables and shelving units make room for potted plants, or else they hang from the ceiling or are planted into very walls and floors. Even the lighting is now decorated with vibrant green plants, I really like this trend!

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The vtwonen groen competition

The theme of the Dutch magazine vtwonen previous number was 50 shades of green. On Instagram they asked for the readers favorite green photos. From the more than 600 entries with # vtwonen groen they chose 10 pictures. Lucky me, I’m one of the vtwonen groen winners and this is my contribution in the competition!


vtwonen groen purodeco Read More

Copper & Green interior

The Copper trend has frequently raised in the interior design world for a while now and I’m already hooked. I like to combine copper with green, a perfect mix if you ask me. Copper is often associated with old and rustic interior but it also fit perfectly with modern elements. Enjoy these photos and see how the copper metal stands in contrasts with green interior and beautiful summer flowers.


Copper & Green interior 2 Read More

Decorating with green plants

You don’t have to be an extreme greenest to go green! Bring a little greener touch by decorate your home with plants. After several years with only a few orchids at home are lots of us ready to take the green house plants back into our homes. Plants give a home personality, they add a touch of nature to the indoors, they help create a soothing atmosphere. All around, they’re an excellent way to tie your home together and give it that extra touch it might be missing.

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Emerald Pantone Color of the Year 2013

Emerald Pantone Color of the Year 2013. Pantone is a provider of color standards for the design industry. Every year, in early December Pantone pick the color of the next year. This fall we kept on hearing rumors that it was going to be blue, but in fact, the color of the year for 2013 is Emerald. Emerald is a rich, vibrant shade of green who beats out all the other shades of the rainbow!




Coming off a strong year with Tangerine Tango, Pantone has released Emerald as the 2013 Color of the Year. The luxurious jewel-tone shade of Emerald is a favorite in the fashion world, as it’s gorgeous on certain fabrics like chiffon and satin. Read More

Home tour – green Christmas home

In this white apartment with green as the reviewing color has a flower enthusiast from Norway found his own Christmas style. The owner has created an elegant home with elements from different eras. For Christmas, he decorates with nature’s own Christmas decor. In the living room, the green Christmas tree seems so refreshing in the bright interior. I like to keep it pretty simple around our house for Christmas, and love this stunning green Christmas spirit!










Green Christmas photos via Bolig pluss