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Dew glass vases Kristine Five Melvær

Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær has designed this beautiful series of vases that look like buds about to burst into bloom.  The Dew glass vases are mouth blown in thick glass with matte, sandblasted stripes on the outside. This gives texture to the vases and creates life to the colour on the inside.


KristineFive Melvær Dew glass vases via Purodeco


Dew glass vases are designed by Kristine Five Melvær. The vases are mouth blown by glassblowers who are proud of their work, in sober colours with matte sandblasted stripes. The stripes on the outside of the glass and the colour of the inside create shadows that give a unique depth and texture to the otherwise monochrome volume. Vases are available in four colours. The different heights makes them look beautiful grouped together. Each vase is unique, no two are exactly alike; precisely this is evidence of genuine handicrafts. Read More

Reiko Kanekos Christmas Baubles

Reiko Kanekos quirky Christmas baubles are guaranteed to make you smile. Reiko is a British-Japanese designer who’s humorous but elegant fine bone china baubles feature creatures that gaze back at you. Wouldn’t it look great to have a tree covered in these? But imagine how confused your pets would be.


Reiko Kanekos Christmas Baubles


With the festive season fast approaching don’t forget about Reiko Kaneko’s beautiful handmade ceramic Christmas decorations. The personalised Christmas baubles service is now available. Have your favourite photo or a personal message fired onto a china bauble. The coloured baubles, also known as ‘Christmas Bubbles’ are brand new for 2013! Read More

Ham Screen Prints

HAM screen prints captures unexpected moments from the contented lives of a pig, a horse and a rabbit on a range of thoughtfully crafted and 100% British made wares. HAM is the brainchild of East London based designer Jo Robinson.


HAM screen prints

HAM’s design aesthetic is defined by a striking minimalism; bold silhouettes against a crisp white background. On taking a closer look, you will find that there is much more at play, the subject of the designs is really very curious indeed. London based designer Jo Robinson captures the unexpected moments of a pig, horse and rabbit as they enjoy the seemingly banal pursuits of humans. It’s hard not to be drawn in by their peculiar behavior and intriguing stories. This playful subject matter provides a delightful contrast to the sharp minimalist aesthetic. Read More

Lindsey Lang Proudly Introduces Graphic Tile Range

London-based company Lindsey Lang Design have expanded on their inspirational collection of geometric kitchenware and cushions with the launch of an extensive range of wall and flooring tiles. Lang’s confident translation of her designs onto tiles creates jaw-dropping Gio Ponti-esque graphic repeat patterns that truly transform an environment.


Lindsey Lang Grapic Tile Range


The high quality Granito tiles are reinforced with fine chips of coloured marble. The thick top layer of pattern is made from a blend of pigmented granite and marble aggregates. They are extremely resistant to high footfall abrasion and impact. Perfect for high traffic retail and hospitality locations, Granito tiles have a thick top layer of pattern that can be polished back to their original state and completely restored. Read More

Reiko Kaneko creates new dipped pieces

Reiko Kaneko Introduces the Stone Dipped serie. She has been working hard to bring some stoneware like glazes on fine bone china. The contrast between the bright white china and the organic glaze is very special, not to mention that each piece will be slightly different because of the nature of our glazing techniques. 

Reiko Kaneko creates new dipped pieces 2


So far, 2013 has marked a number of significant developments for Reiko Kaneko. After successfully introducing colour to her notably pure white bone china pieces, she has continued to experiment with glazes in a series of dipped products. The new pieces display a dynamic contrast between the bright white of the bone china and the rich earthiness of the glazes. Read More

SQUID INK STOOL new in at Folklore

SQUID INK STOOL made by turned ash by Felix McCormack available from Folklore. This is the first in a collection of furniture that uses squid ink as wood dye. The inspiration comes from the way coloured slips are often applied to ceramics, where you can see brush strokes and the impact of the human hand on the work.

Read More

Obelix by Kristine Five Melvær

Kristine Five Melvær uses the charming combination between juicy colors and brave stripes to make a bold visual statement with the Obelix vases. If you were looking for the perfect vase to match your favorite plant or to create a splash of color, the Obelix vases are maybe possible winners. Designed by Norwegian Kristine Five Melvær, the juicy colourful vases were inspired by nature and hand-turned in the form of vegetables, plant bulbs or fruits.


Obelix by Kristine Five Melvær 1


Like fruits or plant bulbs, the Obelix vases, by Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær, look like they are growing upwards, telling the growth story of the flowers inside. The quality of the lacquer creates rough and smooth surfaces mimicking the skin of plants, fruits and vegetables. The juicy colours and brave stripes make the vases stand out with or without flowers. Read More

Ecofriendly Pompom Stool

This ecofriendly Pompom Stoolby Studio Avni is a burst of color and inspiration for environmentally conscious homes. The small, bright-colored pompoms are made of recycled Sarees, the vividly draped traditional Indian garments worn by women in India.

 Ecofriendly Pompom Stool


The ecofriendly Pompom Stool Series is yet another whimsical textural take inspired from the various traditional garments and accessories worn across many regions using manipulating different indigenous techniques. The result is a vibrant 3D tactile series that livens up any indoor space. Read More

M.OSS Design at Folklore

Folklore brings M.OSS Design lighting to the UK for the first time. M.OSS Design is a new Netherlands based design studio who create mostly lighting fixtures but also dabble in furniture and product design. Handmade in the Netherlands by Marcel OSSendrijver.


M.OSS Design at Folklore 2


The Trumpet and Pixoss desk lamps from M.OSS Design are handmade by this creative studio. The base and arm is beech and the shade is cast clay painted with an eggshell finish. Available in white, grey, light grey, yellow or green. Read More

Bulldog poster by Emmeselle

This English Bulldog from Emmeselle moved into my home a little while ago and has already found its own place in my living room! The Bulldog poster by Emmeselle are made by the talented illustrator and graphic designer Mona Stenseth Larsen, who creates unique handcrafted design and graphics. She has an effortlessly charming drawing style and her work is inspiring, creative and original and fits perfectly to give my home that extra special touch!


Bulldog Poster by Emmeselle via purodeco


The commissioning of Emmeselle was a direct result of her eager commitment to handcrafted visual expressions in commercial settings, along with a desire to change the digital mass-produced style and rather stand out with her own own line and expression. Something Emmeselle truly have succeeded in with her ​​simple style that emphasizes her ideas to maximum capacity. Read More