The new Bolia 2015 Kolekto

The new Bolia 2015 collection 8

The new Bolia 2015 collection is the most vibrant and creative ever. It has its roots in the new Scandinavian design, but this year with more daring and surprising details. The style is Nordic, but some designs are with a splash of daring colors, some stained in different grey tones, some with golden and metallic […]

Hejma travojaĝo | Barcelona apartment

Barcelona apartment  via Purodeco

On the first home tour after a long summer break we go into a fantastic Barcelona apartment, refurbished by Intercon. What caught my eye? Everything! I love the high ceilings, the stucco, the relaxing color palette, the furniture with clean lines, the Wishbone chairs around the dining table. And, most of all the beautiful cement tiles. &Nbsp;

Novaj produktoj de esti&Liv

New products from be and liv Purodeco

Esti&Liv havas kelkajn novajn produktojn, Blossom candle holder & Petals fruit bowl. All the products are designed flat and are easily mailable and they blossom after assembly. Esti&liv is a Scandinavian design brand for contemporary gifts, home decor and lifestyle items. They create unique products with a fresh twist!     be&liv’s first product theme is gifts […]

#?Arma somera hejmo en Danio

Home tour via Purodeco

Hejma travojaĝo | After an extensive renovation of a former holiday cabin, this charming summer home in Denmark become a home for the owners the whole year round. The Cottage charm in the house is retained and the many interesting details throughout the house make it very personal and charming. &Nbsp;

Skandinava Apartamento kun Verda #Tu?o

Scandinavian Apartment with a Green Touch via Purodeco 2

Hejma travojaĝo |Eleganta skandinava apartamento kun verda #tu?o. Mi amas la vojon verdaj fabrikejoj liven supre la #?ambro en #?i tiu sveda apartamento kaj fari la tutan blankulon sentas malgrandan malpli klinika. I also like what they did with the bookcase; it gives this black, natural and crispy white home a personal touch! &Nbsp;

San Francisco Hejmo

San Francisco Home tour via Purodeco

Hejma travojaĝo |#Tio ?i San Francisco hejmo apartenas al interno designer Suzana Greenleaf. Meblo, Arto, Kaj #akcesora?o varias #?ambro de #?ambro, De moderna al tradicia al la bunta al la senkolora. #?Iu spaco reprezentas Greenleaf?? Subskriba stilo, Kun apudmeto kaj surprizoj #?e #?iu #?irado. &Nbsp;   angulo en la livingroom kun nigra-kaj-blanka portreto de […]

H&M Hejma #a?tuno 2014 Kolekto

HM Home autumn 2014 collection

#?I tie?? #?teliri peek de H&M Hejma #a?tuno 2014 Kolekto. Tie estos multa marmoro, Ekfalo-tinkturo, latuno kaj kupro. Kontroli #?i tiu belajn pafojn de la kolekto sub, #Tio ?i estas kelkaj de la goodies vi povas atendi de H&M Hejmo por #a?tuno 2014. &Nbsp;

Hejma travojaĝo | Rebuilt #ligna?ejo laborejo

Rebuilt carpentry workshop via Purodeco

Hejma travojaĝo | La domo estas hibrido de malnova #?arpentisto kaj airy moderna hejmo. La ekstero de la #konstrua?o estas simila al kiam ?i estis konstruita. La interno estas renovigita kun belega industria senti. La domo renkontas #?iuj la postuloj vivi malgrandan eksteron de urbo en vere bela domo kun […]

Hejma travojaĝo | Bright summerly family farm

Home tour farmhome

Hejma travojaĝo | Bright summerly family farm in Sweden. This beautiful home was built in 1885 and even though it has been renovated many beautiful elements from that time were preserved. All the floors and the ceilings look like made of raw wood. The light is amazing and it plays well with the white walls. &Nbsp;

Hejma travojaĝo | Wabi Sabi Residence

Home tour Wabi Sabi Residence via Purodeco

The Wabi Sabi Residencean amazing eclectic loft apartment photographed by Darius Kuzmickas of KuDa Photography. &Nbsp;

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