Mural Wallpaper at Pinterest 100 pro 2017

Murals Wallpaper Makes It Into Pinterest’s 100 pro 2017. When it comes to interiors, Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration and their insights team have dug through a whole lot of data from the past year to identify… Read More

Ultramarine blue – glass colour of the year 2017

Ultramarine blue – Glass colour of the year 2017 de Iittala. To celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence 2017 Iittala has created a special edition collection themed around an ultramarine blue colour, dilexit fans circa Iittala,en… Read More

Colour of the Year 2017 – Give Your Home The Blues

For 2017, a much deeper and sophisticated colour is dubbed to be invading our rooms, bringing atmosphere and drama along with it. It really is a beautiful shade, but such a bold colour can be hard to style. Have… Read More

Christmas candle 2016 Flowery Countdown

A romantic Christmas shines forth in this year’s Christmas candle from Normann Copenhagen. The illustration is constructed as a floral collage, with the Christmas rose as the enticing center of attention. The feminine and lively floral collage has… Read More

A playful and funky apartment in Brooklyn

Domum Peregrinatione | Love this fun, Lorem, and family-friendly loft apartment in Brooklyn. The talented interior designer Allison Petty creates a hip space complete with Vespas, rhinos, and a crocodile wall. Enjoy these stunning images with lots of… Read More

San Francisco Home

Domum Peregrinatione | Hoc autem pertinet ad San Francisco domus interior excogitatoris Susan Greenleaf. Supellectilem, es, et apparatum varium cubiculum locus, de instituti huius temporis ad varia ad colorem,. Quisque spatium continet Greenleaf signature penicullus, with juxtaposition… Read More

Domum Peregrinatione – cozy Swedish Apartment

Domum Peregrinatione – This cozy Swedish apartment is located in a 100 years old building in Stockholm. The apartment has a stylish and lovely combination of different materials and colors. I love the combining of vintage furniture, travel… Read More

Domum Peregrinatione – Brussel home

Domum Peregrinatione – Brussel home with open space dining area and a glorious kitchen! The home is also full of colorful accessories and pretty, graphic tiles. I love the combining of vintage with modern items and design!