Home tour apartment with touches of spring via Purodeco

صفحه اصلی تور – apartment with touches of spring

صفحه اصلی تور – apartment with touches of spring. This Swedish apartment features lovely shades of spring. The living room has the most beautiful green colored walls and the kitchen a lovely calm blue shade. All perfect colours for… ادامه مطلب

Home tour Scandinavian DIY home

صفحه اصلی تور – Scandinavian DIY home

Scandinavian DIY home in Norway, with lots of stylish ideas. The owner Alice has redecorated her home on a budget with happy colors, spiced up with plenty of unique DIY ideas. She prefers to spend time to renovate… ادامه مطلب

Interview about feng shui atmine - Purodeco

Interview about feng shui at{mine}

Let me engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion. I have recently been interviewed by the talented founders behind at{mine} – a delicate online community for home and design lovers. They asked me to give some Feng Shui tips… ادامه مطلب

Home tour Manhattan

صفحه اصلی تور - آپارتمان در منهتن

صفحه اصلی تور | I really like the accessible furnishings in this stylish apartment in Manhattan. Especially how old and new are mixed in a completely fresh and modern way. Lauren Moffatt’s casual approach to organizing her living space with found objects rather… ادامه مطلب

Home tour Colorful New York loft dining

صفحه اصلی تور – Colorful New York loft

صفحه اصلی تور | Colorful New York loft with a style of its own, with a unique backdrop that provides an industrial heritage and a history that has been filled with artistic brilliance. The clever use of wall art… ادامه مطلب

Hometour via Purodeco

صفحه اصلی تور - ملبورن صفحه نخست

صفحه اصلی تور این هفته می رود "را در زیر" ملبورن باور نکردنی را به خانه طراح گرافیک مورفی ZOE و خانواده اش. چنین خانه خیره کننده و شخصی دهید با ترکیب رنگ الهام بخش, الگو و بافت.

Eclectic bright Scandinavian home

Eclectic and bright Scandinavian home

Love the personality and eclectic style in this bright Scandinavian home. The atmosphere of this apartment is lean and spacious, but yet full of colourful details and nice midcentury pieces largely inspired by Scandinavian design.

California eclectic family home via Purodeco

California eclectic family home

صفحه اصلی تور – The owner’s goal in this California eclectic family home was to create a casual California aesthetic look with rock ’n’ roll undertones. With lots of crispy white, سیاه, and leather – the result is laid back,… ادامه مطلب