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Historic townhouse in Copenhagen

Historic townhouse in Copenhagen furnished with personality and charm. The residents have managed to to preserve the original atmosphere of the house while creating a modern and time-consuming home. The home is stylishly furnished with old furniture classicsادامه مطلب

مدرن و شیک عقب نشینی خانواده

این خانه از یک مرطوب و تاریک رفت “جعبه سیگار برگ” به عقب نشینی مدرن و شیک خانواده. به طور کامل بازسازی & به خانه های uber خانواده سرد توسط یک خانواده در دانمارک تبدیل. A complete rehabilitation resulted in aادامه مطلب

صفحه اصلی تور – New York loft

صفحه اصلی تور – New York loft. This loft built in 1860 and located in SoHo, New York has large windows that open onto a courtyard, high ceilings and two separate entrances. The dark blue color chosen for accessories… ادامه مطلب

A playful and funky apartment in Brooklyn

صفحه اصلی تور | Love this fun, بد بو, and family-friendly loft apartment in Brooklyn. The talented interior designer Allison Petty creates a hip space complete with Vespas, rhinos, and a crocodile wall. Enjoy these stunning images with lots of… ادامه مطلب

سان فرانسیسکو صفحه اصلی

صفحه اصلی تور | این خانه در سان فرانسیسکو متعلق به طراح داخلی سوزان Greenleaf. مبل, هنر, و لوازم جانبی اتاق های اتاق متفاوت است, از مدرن به سنتی به رنگی به بی رنگ. هر فضای مظهر سبک امضا Greenleaf است, with juxtaposition… ادامه مطلب

صفحه اصلی تور – آپارتمان سوئدی دنج,en

صفحه اصلی تور – This cozy Swedish apartment is located in a 100 years old building in Stockholm. The apartment has a stylish and lovely combination of different materials and colors. I love the combining of vintage furniture, travel… ادامه مطلب

صفحه اصلی تور – Brussel home

صفحه اصلی تور – Brussel home with open space dining area and a glorious kitchen! The home is also full of colorful accessories and pretty, graphic tiles. I love the combining of vintage with modern items and design!

صفحه اصلی تور – beautiful eclectic apartment

صفحه اصلی تور – beautiful eclectic apartment. Love the beautiful mix of the historical and retro style in this place. By using a subtle color combinations and precisely selected furniture pieces, this apartment got a very specific style which… ادامه مطلب