DESIGN LETTERS Christmas 2015  via Purodeco


DESIGN LETTERS Christmas 2015 – A fantastic snack Christmas tree or a single graphic advent calendar on the wall? Here are DESIGN LETTERS ideas for a beautiful and playful graphic Christmas.

Pinterest interior inspiration

Pinterest interior inspiration

Interior inspiration is all around us. Every day there are new great tools popping up to help us collect and share that inspiration. My favorite tool is still Pinterest. Pinterest is a social platform that helps you discover andTovább


Succulent interior trend

The Succulent interior trend are all the rage right now. Every home needs a little green in it, so I’m happy that succulents are the big trend in container gardening and house plants. Ideal for one’s amongst us… Tovább

Home tour - modern kitchen details vintage1

Otthon túra – Playful modern vintage

This beautiful light home made me smile; it has so much charm and character. I like the beautiful touch of modern vintage, clean lines and the hint of usual playfulness in this home. So many interesting details you… Tovább


Purodeco’s blue and green colour universe

Blue and green is the dominant colour palette throughout our home, but vary how we use the colors from room to room to keep it interesting. In some rooms we use the colours on the walls or as… Tovább

Home tour - Charming Apartment in Paris

Otthon túra – Charming Apartment in Paris

Ma, I am featuring the home of the Parisian interior designer Cecile Figuette. She lives in an old Parisian workshop converted into a loft, bathed in light. She did a fabulous job decorating her beautiful and charming apartment… Tovább

Home Tour - Ceramic Matters0

Otthon Tour – Kerámia Matters

Ez a lenyűgöző 300-éves Wellington parasztház már jelenleg helyreállítani Anthony Harris és Gerhard Swart kerámia Matters. Saját, a védett műemlék épületben, házak szemmel robbanás a művészet és a műalkotás.

Tine K Home AW 2015 - MOON 1

Tine K Otthon AW 2015 – MOON

Tine K Home has released their new Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection named MOON. The new collection is once again full of beautiful pillows, takarók, lámpák, lámpák, decorative items, bútor, pots and wonderful pottery.