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Wall colours that embrace the interior

Decorate with warm wall colours who embrace the interior. This is a trend we have already seen a lot of over the past years. A soft sense of the 1970s, in combination with oriental elements and residents who loves to travel. Love these warm ton-in-ton shades in bold red and pink and the way it breaks up with yellow as an accent color. مزید پڑھیں

Keep it Natural

An increasing number of interior designers seem to be turning to Mother Nature for inspiration these days, so it is not a surprise that décors starring organic elements are IN this year. If you are considering jumping on the natural décor bandwagon (and you should be, because homes with natural materials boast both a unique appeal and a healthier environment), here are some convenient tips to help you transform your living space into nature-inspired eye-candy. مزید پڑھیں

Interview about feng shui at{mine}

Let me engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion. I have recently been interviewed by the talented founders behind پر{mine} – a delicate online community for home and design lovers. They asked me to give some Feng Shui tips for bedrooms and other details about Feng Shui and Conscious Living. You can read the interview یہاں.

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ہوم دورے - مین ہیٹن میں اپارٹمنٹ

ہوم دورہ | I really like the accessible furnishings in this stylish apartment in Manhattan. Especially how old and new are mixed in a completely fresh and modern way. لارین Moffatt آرام دہ اور پرسکون پایا اشیاء کے ساتھ اس کے لونگ اسپیس کی تنظیم کی بجائے مہنگی فرنیچر کی بہت سی اور سجاوٹ کے خریدنے کے لئے نقطہ نظر بالکل کام کرتا ہے. ان تصاویر میں سے ہر میری آنکھ پکڑے کہ مکمل طور پر غیر متوقع طور پر کچھ ہے, ابھی تک پوری کی جگہ مکمل طور پر ایکجوٹ لگ رہا ہے.

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نورڈک موڈ – Photowall سے نئے وال پیپر مجموعہ

Photowall فخر نورڈک موڈ پیش – a collection designed by Norwegian Scandinavian Surface. Turbid structure walls, beautiful trees and geometric elegance. Scandinavian Surface fascination for nature is evident in the new collection and provides the magic feeling as the Bergen-based designer quartet is well known for.

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ہوم دورہ – Charming Apartment in Paris

آج, I am featuring the home of the Parisian interior designer Cecile Figuette. She lives in an old Parisian workshop converted into a loft, bathed in light. She did a fabulous job decorating her beautiful and charming apartment in Paris. The style is eclectic bohemian with lots of antiques mixed with beautiful design pieces. And all these plants, a kind of a mini trendy urban jungle. It’s simple and personal – I really love this kind of universe! مزید پڑھیں

ہوم ٹور – سرامک امور

یہ دلچسپ 300 سالہ ویلنگٹن فارم ہاؤس فی الحال انتھونی ہیرس اور سرامک معاملات کے Swart Gerhard کی طرف سے بحال کیا جا رہا ہے. ان کے گھر, ایک محفوظ ورثے کی عمارت, آرٹ اور artifact کے گھروں میں نظر دھماکے.

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