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Amp lamp series Normann Copenhagen

The Danish designer Simon Legald has designed a sophisticated range of lamps called Amp for Normann Copenhagen. The Amp lamp series consists of one table lamp and two pendant lamps. Amp is characterised by its high-quality materials of glass and marble that add a visual fragility and sensuous heaviness.


Amp lamp series Normann Copenhagen via Purodeco


Normann Copenhagen presents Amp lamp series. A hi-fi inspired range of lamps. Amp has a nostalgic and at the same time, contemporary feel. The idea for the lamp’s shape came when the designer was restoring an old 60’s radio at home. While searching for spare parts for the radio, he was captivated by the glow that emits from the tube amplifier. The simple oval shape and the glow of the bulb is an obvious reference to this, just as the name Amp refers to the English term; tube amplifier. The proportions for each lamp have been carefully designed. For example, the marble sockets of the two pendant lamps are smaller than the marble base of the table lamp to emphasise their different functions. Read More

The new old light by KIMU

The New Old Light by KIMU Design mimics the traditional appearance of a lantern and makes a classic East-West connection. The Taiwan-based studio have created the New Old Light with an industrial-style reflector attached to a paper lantern diffuser that can be pulled down or collapsed out of sight to vary the lighting intensity.


The new old light by Kimu via Purodeco


I adore the minimalist table lamp by the Taiwanese design studio. By employing the flat border to emulate the standard appearance of lanterns, The New Old Light by KIMU continued its style in the plane quadrant. With the modify of the wood proportion of The New Old Light, which developed the extension of breathing in a virtual space, the air particles seem to be paused at the moment of light on. The New Old Life is the ideal goal that KIMU keep trying and experimenting to reach. Started from The New Old Light, KIMU is combining and converting those ancient objects to modern life products. Read More

Menu JWDA Concrete Lamp

Menu JWDA Concrete Lamp is a delicate and raw lamp by Jonas Wagell. The lamp made of concrete, brass and glass, will fit perfectly with different types of interiors.


Menu JWDA Concrete Lamp


The Stockholm-based designer Jonas Wagell successfully mixes the deli­cate and the raw into a beautiful little lamp with concrete base and brass button. Ready to decorate your sofa table, your shelf or the bedside table, Menu JWDA Concrete Lamp gives a soft light and comes with a G9 frosted bulb. Read More

Sbarbino lamp by Vito Nesta

Sbarbino lamp by Vito Nesta was presented at the Salone Del Mobile 2014 The nostalgic Sbarbino lamp draws inspiration from the form of a classic shaving brush. It has a similar metal base and honey-colored glass in place of horsehair bristles. Designed by Vito Nesta and carefully crafted in his Milan workshop, the lamp exudes vintage barbershop style.


Sbarbino lamp by Vito Nesta via Purodeco


Interested in the world of design, Vito Nesta graduated in Industrial Design in Florence. The journey is a constant in his life, it is a necessity used to give continuous stimuli to his creativity, because there is no knowledge without cognition. Design is very important to him because ideas and emotions, thoughts and insights merge in it, and with it emerges the soul of the designer. Read More

Iittala lighting news autumn 2014

Iittala lighting news autumn 2014 are a part of Iittala’s exciting movement towards developing a wider collection of meaningful small furniture, lightning and accessories for the home.


Iittala lighting news Leimu_Grey


Iittala’s striking table lamp Leimu Lamp by Magnus Pettersen that masterfully combines glass and concrete together is now available in an elegant grey. The combination of the grey glass ‘shade’ and the concrete base creates a streamlined design that emphasises the beauty of both materials. Read More

Copenhagen Pendant by Space Copenhagen for &tradition

Copenhagen Pendant is an exercise in contrasts. Combining the classic and the modern, the maritime and the industrial, it is a new pendant lamp developed by Space Copenhagen for &tradition.


Copenhagen Pendant by Space Copenhagen for &tradition 5


Following the success of their first collaboration, the Fly Lounge Series, &tradition have worked with Space Copenhagen again to produce a luminaire in matte lacquered metal, one of Space Copenhagen’s first lights to enter production. Read More

Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design

Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design – pure Norwegian design. The elegant and unique Stella advent star brightens up dark winter nights and creates a great Christmas spirit to your home!


Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design


Stella Advent Star from Torsteinsen Design, an advent star inspired by reflected light. The product consists of two asymmetric stars that reflects and shines towards each other with a simple 40W light bulb in between. Stella advent Star creates a simple yet strong object that celebrates the potential beauty in simplicity elegant and contemporary at the same time.


Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design



“We wanted to design a long lasting and simple Christmas star, one you can bring out every Christmas year after year. That’s why Stella advent star is made of painted aluminum, except the bulb of course, which actually is completely flat when it is disassembled”



Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design


Torsteinsen Design is located in a charming old building in Bærums Verk, west of Oslo. Husband and wife team, Fredrik Torsteinsen and Solveig Torsteinsen, and indispensable colleague, Vidar Øverby – all with degrees in furniture design. They have 20 years of design experience, as well as previous careers in furniture making, carpentry, and textiles. Torsteinsen Design works with design in the broadest sense of the word. And they thrive on diversity!



All images of Stella advent star Torsteinsen Design

Photographer Morten Brun


Ikono classic pendant with graphic details

Normann Copenhagen presents the Ikono classic pendant, designed by Simon Legald. Ikono is a beautiful classic pendant lamp with a pure and simple feel. The lamp has a cone-shaped glass cylinder and two coloured steel shades in matching tones which rest on the glass. Together, these features go to make up a classic pendant lamp.


Ikono a classic pendant with graphic details


The light is directed by the top shade while the lower shade ensures anti-dazzle. Ikono is based on the Danish lighting tradition, but the designer Simon Legald has stripped the design down to its essence and eliminated any unnecessary components and screws. The sharp edges of the shades are softened by curves where the shades meet the glass. The glass cylinder itself adds a visual lightness to the lamp. This gives Ikono classic pendant both a graphic and soft feel. Read More

Caravaggio P Black from Lightyears

I am in the process of upgrading my home office these days and one of my new purchases is Caravaggio P Black from Lightyears. Caravaggio P Black is a series of metal pendants with an eye-catching high gloss lacquer. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shade’s feminine lines. A pendant in good balance in other words, perfect for an upcoming Feng Shui office!


Caravaggio P Black from Lightyears


Creating a simple, soft design for small and large pendants was the main idea behind Cecilie Manz‘ Caravaggio series. The curves passed through a number of shapes during the design process, but this version captures a feminine form. Caravaggio P Black pendant is named after the Italian Baroque painter Caravaggio, who is known for his dramatic paintings with large contrast between light and shadow. Read More

The new Star Lamp from Normann Copenhagen

The new Star Lamp from Normann Copenhagen is a simple, bright and airy lamp with a typical Nordic expression. Star consists of 50 acrylic pieces in four different geometric shapes. The simple shapes form the silhouette of a star when assembled. The Star lamp distributes a sculptural and beautiful light and it gives the interior decoration a contemporary and Nordic twist.


The new Star Lamp from Normann Copenhagen

The bulb is enclosed in the lamp shade and the mirror on the inside of the The new Star Lamp from Normann Copenhagen, causes the light to be reflected out between the white and transparent acrylic pieces. The expression of Star changes constantly and creates new reflections depending on the time of day and how the light falls. The reflections bring the lamp to life and make it dynamic to look at. Read More