Copenhagen Pendant by Space Copenhagen for &tradition

Copenhagen Pendant by Space Copenhagen for &tradition 5

Copenhagen Pendant is an exercise in contrasts. Combining the classic and the modern, the maritime and the industrial, it is a new pendant lamp developed by Space Copenhagen for &tradition.     Following the success of their first collaboration, the Fly Lounge Series, &tradition have worked with Space Copenhagen again to produce a luminaire in […]

Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design

Stella Advent Star by Torsteinsen Design 1

Stella Advent Star Torsteinsen Design – pure Norwegian design. The elegant and unique Stella advent star brightens up dark winter nights and creates a great Christmas spirit to your home!     Stella Advent Star from Torsteinsen Design, an advent star inspired by reflected light. The product consists of two asymmetric stars that reflects and […]

Ikono classic pendant with graphic details

Ikono a classic pendant with graphic details 1

Normann Copenhagen presents the Ikono classic pendant, designed by Simon Legald. Ikono is a beautiful classic pendant lamp with a pure and simple feel. The lamp has a cone-shaped glass cylinder and two coloured steel shades in matching tones which rest on the glass. Together, these features go to make up a classic pendant lamp. […]

Caravaggio P Black from Lightyears

Caravaggio P Black 3

I am in the process of upgrading my home office these days and one of my new purchases is Caravaggio P Black from Lightyears. Caravaggio P Black is a series of metal pendants with an eye-catching high gloss lacquer. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shade’s feminine lines. […]

The new Star Lamp from Normann Copenhagen

The Star Lamp new Nordic design from Normann Copenhagen_

The new Star Lamp from Normann Copenhagen is a simple, bright and airy lamp with a typical Nordic expression. Star consists of 50 acrylic pieces in four different geometric shapes. The simple shapes form the silhouette of a star when assembled. The Star lamp distributes a sculptural and beautiful light and it gives the interior […]

M.OSS Design at Folklore

M.OSS Design at Folklore 2

Folklore brings M.OSS Design lighting to the UK for the first time. M.OSS Design is a new Netherlands based design studio who create mostly lighting fixtures but also dabble in furniture and product design. Handmade in the Netherlands by Marcel OSSendrijver.     The Trumpet and Pixoss desk lamps from M.OSS Design are handmade by this creative studio. The base and arm is […]

Mingus by Cecilie Manz at Folklore

Mingus by Cecilie Manz at Folklore1

The understated Mingus pendant by Cecilie Manz for Lightyears is now available from Folklore. Manz is a master of simple expression. Made from a single piece of matt coated aluminium, the lamp’s subtle muted colour palette juxtaposed with it’s bold angular form make for a well-considered and engaging design concept.     The Mingus pendant boasts […]

Norm 12 by Simon Karkov

Norm 12 lamp by Simon Karkov3

This is Normann Copenhagens new lamp Norm 12, designed by Simon Karkov. The Norm12, named after the year 2012 when the lamp was designed, is a self assembling lamp with a round and welcoming feel. It spreads a mild and diffused anti-glare light, which is dispersed through the lamp´s rounded silhouette.   Normann Copenhagen released […]

Special Edition A110 and A330s Pendant Lamp by Mike Meiré

Special Edition A110 and A330s Pendant_1

The Special Edition by Mike Meiré for Alvar Aalto’s classic lamps A110 and A330S is another joyful addition to the range where the designer makes his own spin on the classics.   The iconic Golden Bell ceiling lamp, the A330S, was designed for the Savoy Restaurant in Helsinki in 1937. Also known as the Hand Grenade, the A110 pendant […]

M.OSS design

M.OSS design3

M.OSS design is run by Marcel OSSendrijver, a Netherlands-based designer who creates mostly lighting fixtures but also has dabbled in furniture and product design. M.OSS design is young, fresh, creative and fully 100% Dutch hand made design. Love all the beautiful pure and matte pastel colors together with pale wood.   Marcel OSSendrijver in M.OSS […]

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