Papier-Mâché Animal Sculptures

Papier-Mâché Animal Sculptures7

Heads up! As part of collaboration between west elm and Aid to Artisans, Haitian artisans created these witty riffs of wild animals. All made of entirely from recycled materials, these all-white sculptures bring a wild side to walls in the most responsible way.  

Palm handcrafted Wood baskets from Vietnam

Piet Hein Eek’s Fair Trade Baskets

Piet Hein Eek’s Fair Trade Baskets are Beautifully Handcrafted from Recycled Palm Wood. Each piece is handcrafted in Vietnam using palm wood slabs according to the Fair Trade principles.     Famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek recently designed a beautiful set of baskets, bowls, and trays for Fair Trade Originals. Each piece is handcrafted […]

Old News & Einholz


Eco-friendly Old News from Creatables gives your old newspapers and magazine a stylish home. The holder secures the papers when you lift it off the ground and makes returning papers to the recycling unit a breeze.     Old News and Einholz is developed by the Creatables-team in cooperation with Jonas Forsman.  Creatables was founded […]

Natural Tree Stump Side Table

Natural tree stump slide

Bring the outdoors in with this rustic Natural Tree Stump side table. Made from naturally fallen cypress trees, each solid-wood table is one of a kind. Cluster two or three together to create a unique coffee table, or use them individually beside a sofa, bed or chair.     Love this solid tree stump made […]

Bud wooden lampshade


Desinature Launch New Bud Lampshade at Pulse 2012. The new Bud lampshade is an elegant paneled lighting system formed of six identical elements, made from Natural birch plywood from responsibly sourced trees.       Desinature is a new British design brand dedicated to the production of modern home accessories and lighting furniture. Established by designer Etienne Esmenjaud and […]

It’s a Small World

Small World6

Small World is an infinite collection of miniature scenes from everyday life. Sometimes amusing, sometimes a little cheeky but always small. Irenie Cossey is the designer behind the London based IS Designers and this gorgeous collection.  

Simply Slowwood

Simply Slowwood4

Dutch company Slowwood makes timeless, good quality furniture with raw elegance and a low impact to our planet. Their eco-friendly furniture is handmade with love and attention by local craftsmen in Netherland, using solid wood, 100% natural finishes and mineral ecological paint. Some colors take one week to dry! The slow aspect…  



Cork’s been popped, favorite wine been drunk— why not build a reclaimed cork chair? We all know that corks used to seal our favorite wine and the like. However, after the wines were consumed corks are already destined to landfills, which is obviously not favorable to the environment. This will never be an issue anymore […]

Beller´s Bird

Bellers bird

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland creates his birds from leftover wood. Every one of the birds started life as a supportive table-leg or an armrest but now live as part of the Norwegian designer’s flock of Re-Turned ornaments. How cute are these?  

Logs of love

log bowls 2

Canadian Designer Doha Chebib from Loyal Loot Collective, creates these glorious log bowls from fallen trees.  Each bowl combines the incomparable beauty of trees in their natural state with a high-gloss vibrant finish with acrylic colors and is completely unique.     Purodeco is already hooked on wood and stumps currently, these lovely and colorful […]

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