New products from be&vita

New products from be and liv Purodeco

esse&liv have some new products, Blossom candle holder & Petals fruit bowl. All the products are designed flat and are easily mailable and they blossom after assembly. esse&liv is a Scandinavian design brand for contemporary gifts, home decor and lifestyle items. They create unique products with a fresh twist!     be&liv’s first product theme is gifts […]

Iittala launches timeless interior news

Iittala launches timeless interior news via Purodeco

Iittala launches timeless interior news for fall 2014. The iconic Finnish global design brand launches a series of small accessories for the home designed by Scandinavia’s top designers.     Iittala has dominated world of design-conscious tabletop products for well over a century so this addition to the existing collection is a highly anticipated launch. […]

Plateau by Note Design Studio

Plateau by Note Design Studio via Purodeco 4

Plateau by Note Design Studio, aesthetics and functionality, this piece enables you to have your favorite garments on hand at all times. Plateau aims to maximize the space of the house in an original way.     I’ve got a major crush on Plateau by Note Design Studio for Punt. This storage masterpiece could finally help […]

San Francisco Home

San Francisco Home tour via Purodeco

Domum Peregrinatione |This San Francisco home belongs to interior designer Susan Greenleaf. Supellectilem, es, and accessories vary room by room, from modern to traditional to the colorful to the colorless. Each space embodies Greenleaf’s signature style, with juxtaposition and surprises at every turn.     A corner in the livingroom with a black-and-white portrait of […]

Era Lounge Collection

Era Lounge Collection via Purodeco 2

Era Lounge Collection from Normann Copenhagen is classic, inviting, nostalgic and curved. That’s one way of describing the new range of lounge chairs designed by the Danish designer, Simon Legald.     Era Lounge Collection is many other things too. The design is well-proportioned, the lines are sharp, and the feel is contemporary. Era combines […]

Speciem pallida Lorem eu

Pale beauty Home tour

Speciem pallida Lorem eu | Danish Lorem ipsum Suspendisse in domum suam, et vir suus Jacob consiliis Barbara Bendix Becker Holm, CEO of supellectilem in Danish distributor Fritz Hansen. Omnis frenum of eclectic sedes sit idemque medio saeculo nostri temporis studiorum classicorum cum Anglis eccentricitas.  

Didymus in tabulis et aere in risus Kubus

The new Twin tables and the Kubus Collection in copper

Didymus in tabulis, et in aere, a Collection Kubus Danorum per ipsum Lassen. Quia ego sum ingens fan of consilium semper a Lassen dilexit item quadratum ab nobilissimus et forma notam iconica; candelabrum in Kubus. De collectis autem, Sat novi elit a prima die mensis Aprilis, 2014.   […]

A elit bonis moribus ornatus minimalistic

A minimalistic furniture collection with character 7

Zelus tumorem dolor in cathedra et expandit Normann 2 pedem solio. Tumor est a minimalistic vasis collectionem, quae sentiunt, et contracta est ludicra, et LAETUS moribus. Elit sit amet elit a Swedish intumescunt minimalistic supellectilem Jonas Wagell. Aequum ex utroque est, et, soliumque contulerit, vel duos, adeo totum triclinium […]

Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem – Aliquam lacinia

Blog Home Tour - Dream Home

Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem – Aliquam lacinia. Hoc est exemplum capere potest interius fulmen fovere adhibitis demonstrandi. Est enim obscurum et cerei et longa hiems vesperas certus! Album fit in cubiculo murum spectare reflectere lucem et clarior placet […]

Vestibulum eu felis in patriam regionem latissimam

Home tour a spacious countryside home

Aliquam erat volutpat Lorem regionem latissimam extra domum Helsinki. Et ad Domum Koskinen Ulla somnium domum est in medio regionis illius familia! CAEMENTUM, et ligna, et hyacinthinas, comprehendere in hoc simplex et elegans domicilium Finnish. Ego quos amo, simplices et basic sensus, et in genere ubi de camino et habet vesperam […]

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