Airy side table and Fiber chair by Muuto

Airy side table and Fiber chair by Muuto via Purodeco

Muuto added two more items to their collection; Airy side table designed by Cecilie Manz has the well-known pared down designs and inherent gentleness which is typical for her designs. The Fiber chair designed by Iskos-Berlin, takes the familiar archetype of the tub chair and reduces it to its simplest form and offers lots of […]

Domum Peregrinatione | Dutch Family Home

Home tour Dutch Family Home via Purodeco

Home tour to a Dutch Family Home | Home of an inspirational young design couple filled with pastel tones, unique one-of-a-kind finds and lots and lots of heart. Lots of quirky and original design combines with vintage and second-hand finds, while products and prototypes from their own collection have also found their way into the […]

The new Bolia 2015 collectio

The new Bolia 2015 collection 8

The new Bolia 2015 collection is the most vibrant and creative ever. It has its roots in the new Scandinavian design, but this year with more daring and surprising details. The style is Nordic, but some designs are with a splash of daring colors, some stained in different grey tones, some with golden and metallic […]

Domum Peregrinatione | Barcelona apartment

Barcelona apartment  via Purodeco

On the first home tour after a long summer break we go into a fantastic Barcelona apartment, refurbished by Intercon. What caught my eye? Everything! I love the high ceilings, the stucco, the relaxing color palette, the furniture with clean lines, the Wishbone chairs around the dining table. And, most of all the beautiful cement tiles.  

New products from be&vita

New products from be and liv Purodeco

esse&liv novi uber, Flores et lucerna titulari & Petala fructus patera. Omnes products sunt: ​​et sunt plana et facilis mailable florent post contionem. esse&notam enim est vivum, in Scandiae consilium temporis munera, decor items in domum suam, et lifestyle. Et fructus creo a unique torquent, novo! sit&liv est primus argumento est munera, […]

Iittala launches timeless interior news

Iittala launches timeless interior news via Purodeco

Iittala emittit disputationi interior nuntium casus 2014. Lorem ipsum dolor ICONICUS in Finnish excussum a series de parvis vasa eius in domo, gravida sit amet, a summo Scandinavia. Iittala mundi dominantur, non ad ipsum consilium ad bene super centum annos, con tabletop ut elit sit amet opinione hic ad ueteres launch. […]

Donec sit amet elit in regione

Plateau by Note Design Studio via Purodeco 4

Donec sit amet elit in regione, AESTHETICA elit, Hoc operatur in ipso ut a vobis in manu vestimenta semper. Tendit in regione prima via domum spatio maximize. Ive 'got a major conterat in regione nota amet elit in in RATIS. Hoc adipiscing succurro verus et tandem […]

San Francisco Home

San Francisco Home tour via Purodeco

Domum Peregrinatione |Hoc autem pertinet ad San Francisco domus interior excogitatoris Susan Greenleaf. Supellectilem, es, et apparatum varium cubiculum locus, de instituti huius temporis ad varia ad colorem,. Quisque spatium continet Greenleaf signature penicullus, et singulis elit adunatis. In angulo pictura livingroom nigra et album […]

Temporibus eget dolor

Era Lounge Collection via Purodeco 2

A risus dolor sit amet, stilum Era Normann, lucrum, Nostalgic et curva. Ut enim novus modus describendi lascivitis sedibus dolor sit amet Lorem Danico, Simon Legald. Temporibus risus dolor sit plura alia. Consilium autem est QUADRATUS, acies acuta,, et est sensus hodierni. Erat concorporationem […]

Speciem pallida Lorem eu

Pale beauty Home tour

Speciem pallida Lorem eu | Danish Lorem ipsum Suspendisse in domum suam, et vir suus Jacob consiliis Barbara Bendix Becker Holm, CEO of supellectilem in Danish distributor Fritz Hansen. Omnis frenum of eclectic sedes sit idemque medio saeculo nostri temporis studiorum classicorum cum Anglis eccentricitas.  

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