Trang chủ tour du lịch | Dutch Family Home

Home tour Dutch Family Home via Purodeco

Home tour to a Dutch Family Home | Home of an inspirational young design couple filled with pastel tones, unique one-of-a-kind finds and lots and lots of heart. Lots of quirky and original design combines with vintage and second-hand finds, while products and prototypes from their own collection have also found their way into the […]

The new Bolia 2015 bộ sưu tập

The new Bolia 2015 collection 8

The new Bolia 2015 collection is the most vibrant and creative ever. It has its roots in the new Scandinavian design, but this year with more daring and surprising details. The style is Nordic, but some designs are with a splash of daring colors, some stained in different grey tones, some with golden and metallic […]

Trang chủ tour du lịch | Barcelona apartment

Barcelona apartment  via Purodeco

On the first home tour after a long summer break we go into a fantastic Barcelona apartment, refurbished by Intercon. What caught my eye? Everything! I love the high ceilings, the stucco, the relaxing color palette, the furniture with clean lines, the Wishbone chairs around the dining table. And, most of all the beautiful cement tiles.  

New products from be&cuộc sống

New products from be and liv Purodeco

được&liv have some new products, Blossom candle holder & Petals fruit bowl. All the products are designed flat and are easily mailable and they blossom after assembly. được&liv is a Scandinavian design brand for contemporary gifts, home decor and lifestyle items. They create unique products with a fresh twist!     be&liv’s first product theme is gifts […]

Iittala launches timeless interior news

Iittala launches timeless interior news via Purodeco

Iittala launches timeless interior news for fall 2014. The iconic Finnish global design brand launches a series of small accessories for the home designed by Scandinavia’s top designers.     Iittala has dominated world of design-conscious tabletop products for well over a century so this addition to the existing collection is a highly anticipated launch. […]

Plateau by Note Design Studio

Plateau by Note Design Studio via Purodeco 4

Plateau by Note Design Studio, aesthetics and functionality, this piece enables you to have your favorite garments on hand at all times. Plateau aims to maximize the space of the house in an original way.     I’ve got a major crush on Plateau by Note Design Studio for Punt. This storage masterpiece could finally help […]

San Francisco Home

San Francisco Home tour via Purodeco

Trang chủ tour du lịch |This San Francisco home belongs to interior designer Susan Greenleaf. Nội thất, nghệ thuật, and accessories vary room by room, from modern to traditional to the colorful to the colorless. Each space embodies Greenleaf’s signature style, with juxtaposition and surprises at every turn.     A corner in the livingroom with a black-and-white portrait of […]

Era Lounge Collection

Era Lounge Collection via Purodeco 2

Era Lounge Collection from Normann Copenhagen is classic, inviting, nostalgic and curved. That’s one way of describing the new range of lounge chairs designed by the Danish designer, Simon Legald.     Era Lounge Collection is many other things too. The design is well-proportioned, the lines are sharp, and the feel is contemporary. Era combines […]

Vẻ đẹp xanh xao Home tour du lịch

Pale beauty Home tour

Vẻ đẹp xanh xao Home tour du lịch | Một nhà Đan Mạch tuyệt đẹp được thiết kế bởi chuyên gia tư vấn thiết kế Barbara Bendix Becker và chồng Jacob Holm, các giám đốc điều hành của nhà phân phối đồ nội thất Đan Mạch Fritz Hansen. Tất cả các bit của ngôi nhà này là điển hiện đại duy nhất chiết trung giữa thế kỷ trộn với độ lệch tâm tiếng Anh.  

Các bảng Twin và bộ sưu tập Kubus trong đồng

The new Twin tables and the Kubus Collection in copper

Các bảng Twin và bộ sưu tập Kubus trong đồng từ thương hiệu Đan Mạch bởi Lassen. Tôi là một fan hâm mộ lớn của thiết kế bởi Lassen vì và tôi đã luôn luôn yêu thương hình vuông của mặt hàng mang tính biểu tượng và nổi tiếng nhất từ ​​các thương hiệu; các Kubus nến. Các bộ sưu tập mới fab có sẵn từ đầu tháng tư 2014.   […]

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